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What is your proudest life accomplishment so far and why?

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  • That would probably be getting a B in my GCSE RE exam in May. (Y). It might not seem like much but I studied for days and I left with a grade 2 marks off an A >.< Still 78 out of 100 is pretty good. At least that’s what I thought I got. I know it was a B. And also getting a B in French in the mocks for the reading exam. Miss showed me the paper with B written on and everyone started clapping. It was a very good feeling. Anyway, those were my two proudest moments.

    Why am I doing this Statistics exam on Friday? 3 maths papers! 3! That’s just not fair! Everything else except for French and English we only have to do two papers. I think I’ll be safe that’s she’s put us all down for Foundation.
    And on the last day of term for Christmas. I’m not impressed, not impressed.
    Still undecided about what to do next year, didn’t manage to make it to the open evening at Craven last night (why are there no street lights on the A629?!) so I’ll have to put off the decision until February. This happens to be when 6th form application forms are due in.
    Brilliant, why, why?
    It would be so much better if it was in January so I could make a fair decision between which would be best for me.
    And now!
    Now, I’m going to have to act quickly because Craven are having their interviews now. Ahhh! Why can’t Parkside have Environmental Science and not have those stupid subject boxes.

    2 days left before the end of term. :D
    It seems somewhat longer than it has been in previous years. I think the Autumn Term is the longest, I’m not sure though. It’s also presents day tomorrow, so I’ll be trekking to school with a Topshop bag full of presents. And the mock results day is next year, sometime in January. It seems pretty pointless; it’s on the third or fourth day back from the holidays. I already know what I got in French, we’ve asked all the other teachers what we’ve but all of them have said they’re marking them over the holidays so we’ll have to wait until 2010.
    Anyway, fingers crossed I didn’t fail anything.
    Music, Listening and Appraising.
    Maths, Module 5.
    French, listening.

    I suppose they’re doing it because everything else in detail is just like what it will be for the real thing so it seems somewhat logical to have a results day so we know what to expect. I’m also looking forward to Saturday ‘cause we’re going to see St Trinians 2 at the cinema. The first one was really good. School here isn't really like that.
    9 days ‘til Christmas :D
    16 days until 2010 :)


  • So,I was just scrolling through all the Writer's Blocks that I haven't responded to to see if there was one that I felt like answering. Since today is my baby's 1st birthday, this one stuck out to me. First off, before I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH GRACE! Mommy loves you! Now, onto the answer. So far my proudest life accomplishment as been being a mother to my children. For me, there's no bigger accomplishment in life than being a mother. It's funny for me to read that, since I wasn't ever someoene that wanted to be a mother. Even when I got pregnant with my oldest, I didn't want to be a mother. For a time, I even considered placing her for adoption as I didn't feel I had anything I could offer her; and I certainly couldn't provide what I baby would need. At the time, I knew I couldn't offer her a full time father (at least not right then), and I wasn't even sure if I would be able to offer her a mother that was clean and sober, since I was still on shaky ground involving my recovery at that point. But, I had her, brought her home, learned what I was doing a bit, and withing a very short period of time, I couldn't imagine not being a mother! Now I'm on my 4th, and being someone's mom was clearly the right decision to make with my life. In a lot of ways, having my kids saved me. Parenthood saved me from myself and my addiction. Now, I still am an addict; always will be, but I'm in recovery right now, and I credit my kids with that. They've given me that extra motivation to stay clean. Now, when I look at my life, I don't see never-ending misery, but I see what is good.
  • I'm most proud of the fact that I'm still here (alive) and still have hope for the present & future. My past was very challenging. While I didn't meet all of my past challenges in the best way(s), I did navigate them successfully. Never give up hope people. Just give yourself more time when challenges arise. You'll make it! :)
  • As soon as I saw this particular question, I knew right away what my answer would be: nanowrimo. Being able to write a --admitedly short-- novel in thirty days is an amazing accomplishment. Knowing that I managed to do it is phenomenal. I was able to overcome school, family, friends... Even Thanksgiving! I managed to overcome everything to write a novel, something extraordinary in more than one way. I am so proud of myself for doing so.
  • I have learned how to pronounce Arthur Rimbaud's name. First I thought it was pronounced as it's spelled. Then, due to misreading something, I thought it was Rimbo. Finally, I was able to come to the conclusion of Rambo. I hate French names. I semi-kinda-don't-know-why-but-I-do hate France. Love to listen to the French language. Which somehow makes me hate everything a bit more. I'm hungry...
  • Well, I've just recently found out that the first film festival that I've entered put my film in the 2009 platinum reel winners list. I was second place in the feature film category. Totally righteous and cosmic.
  • I'm proud of him. How is he one of my life accomplishments? Well, I did help get him where he is today. If he didn't meet me I don't think he would be going to MIT or any of that. He'd probably be doing something neat, because he's a sharp kid with plenty of motivation, but things would be quite different. And he's taken where he's at and done amazing things with it. Every once and awhile I'll hear a snippet of what's up with him and I'll be proud. Why? Because having an impact on someone else's life is so much more meaningful than anything you could ever do for yourself. :)
  • Probably my GCSE results. I haven't achieved much noteworthy stuff in my life (if you get me...) and these were my first big achievement. Out of the 11 I took, I got 4 "A*"s (meaning I got over 90% of the marks) and 7 "A"s. I even managed to get 351/360 points in my French exam and 349/360 in Spanish... not bad if I do say so myself! :P
  • My proudest life accomplishment so far is when I became an Eagle Scout. It took alot of work but I got it done. I had to do a project that involved the whole troop. It was a great success. My parents helped me alot with it. It was the biggest thing I have ever done. I am super happy that I got it done. My entire Boy Scout Troop came out that day to help. My Aunt also came down from Broward County to see everything. I will remember my project for the rest of my life.
  • I would say getting to college and maintaining good grades! It feels good to get work done and know that you're doing something for yourself, especially when you know it's something that will really matter in the long run of your life.
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