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Message in a bottle

What three items would you place in a time capsule to help future generations understand you?

Answers (385)

  • Я бы наверное положил бы USB. с фото и видео ярчайших моментов жизни нашего поколения. косяк и ещё косяк
  • Можно кровяки своей налить в бутылку, что бы они с помошью клонирования восзоздали меня и поразились неандертальцу)

  • Фильмы. Будет нас лучше понять. Но только не фантастика, а то подумают, что мы были терминаторы :)
  • In said time capsule I would place three books: The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism by David Friedman, The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, and Our Enemy, the State by Albert J. Nock. If you wish to understand who I am, read those three books. They will tell you all you need to know.
  • Time Capsules have been made several times, and continue to be filled and buried. Rarely, though, do you hear stories of a time capsule being discovered, or dug from the Earth. None the less, i think they give us piece of mind in a sense that we will be understood later in the Earth's history, long after our history is finished. Three materialistic items can hardly help anyone understand who I, or anyone else, is. We are so complex as a race. Human emotion cannot easily be represented by things we've made. Although, I do think there are a few things that show something about me. My writing, for example, would be something i'd place in the time capsule. My work usually incorporates what i'm feeling at the time, and also gives an outsider a way in. My style of writing also shows a bit of my personality. It also covers so many ranges of what i feel and how I view many different situations. My bible, would be the second thing I'd put in the capsule. Its the book i try my hardest to live by. It's God's word, which i value over my word. Not only does it tell what i believe, but would maybe give someone an idea of my lifestyle. The third and final thing i would put in there would be a scrapbook. Memories can a lot of the time define who we are, and where we're going. Pictures show who you were around, what you've done, and the things you've accomplished. Without knowing someone, their prized possesions can only tell you a small portion of who they are. Materials can't replace human emotion, but they're merely artifacts.

  • My Sims discs, pictures of me and my family and my MP3 player...
  • My favourite DVD (Pride And Prejudice), my Ipod which is full of my favourite songs and the last would have to be my guitar, seeing as I doubt this time capsule is big enough to fit a piano in... If it was huuuuge, I would totally put the piano in!
  • (1) A set of laser-etched titanium "pages", covered with diamond-film coating, consisting of all the critical science and technology that I could possibly etch on them, with all the data compressed down to microfilm size images to get better data density per "page". (2) A diamond lens magnifying glass, capable of displaying 1), so that future generations will be able to recreate our technology after an apocaplyse. (3) Another set of laser-etched titanium pages, written full scale, with notes on glass-making & optics, in case (2) should be destroyed somehow, and a thorough guide to the English language, with pictures, so that they can re-create the language and know what the data in (1) means and how to use it.
  • first one is, my little dictionary..Where I've always write all my hard feelings and all of my secrets.. second one is, my cellphone.. haha.. many insipired messages for me are still there.. even if the messages are almost a year ago.. I still keeping it in my extra inbox.. And it has a password.. haha.. That's my privacy.. the third one is, my jewerly box.. hahaha.. Because I cannot live my life without any accesories on my body.. hahah..
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