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If your best friend forgave his or her partner for cheating and lying, would you try to forgive him or her too? Would you find it difficult to spend time with them as a couple?

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  • Я не смогла бы простить точно. И даже если кто-то из моих близких простил бы. Мне всегда сложно проводить время и общаться с нечестными людьми. 

  • Hell no, they've already proven you can't trust them. Everybody wants to stick up for the wrong party
    but you shouldn't have to pretend to like someone who hurt your friends. Friends are there when
    your spouse is a louse. 
  • If your best friend forgave his or her partner for cheating and lying, would you try to forgive him or her too? Would you find it difficult to spend time with them as a couple? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At first, No. But here's the deal. It's not my relationship. I wouldn't want my best friend stayin in the relationship but if she chose to, Ima still be there for her. Not for her significant other.Although I love her n don't wanna see her hurt again, I also want her to be able to learn from her own decisions. And heres somethin else to add. I wouldn't drop my friend for making a decision to stay with this person either. What kind of friend(a) drops a friend(b) because they(b) did somethin or made a decision that they(a)didn't like? That don't sound too much like a friend. Its a selfish act. And It's a manipulative move. Now I can see if its multiple times and the friend keeps puttin themselves in that spot, but 1 or 2 disagreements and cut it off? Thats sad.
  • Probably not, I am always of the mind-set that no one is good enough for my besties, honest to goddess. SO I have that certain "I'm waiting for you to fail so I can prove I was right-" type thing going on (sad I know it) BUT that being said, my friends (one especially) has put up with a lot from me and my "guys" so if she forgave him, I would be civil if i cannot forgive. And It wouldn't be difficult for me in the sense of my hubby would more than likely be there, so I would have him to hold on to. But if he wasn't yeah I would probably end up saying something...a lot.
  • I'd definitely find it hard ot hang out with them. haha. i already went through this. it's no fun. it's always weird. i don't like it at all.
  • That's a tough one. I think I would just trust my friend's judgment, though, since she is the one in the relationship and knows more about the situation to me. Unless I was privy to something she didn't know, like I'd seen or heard about something bad he did, or if he had a history of that kind of behavior and she was too in love to realize his assholes ways.
  • I'd make an effort for my friend but I still wouldn't feel too comfortable around them together. My friend may be able to forgive and forget but I would still them as the cheating bitch/bastard that hurt my friend. I would not be able to trust them at all but I would stay quiet unless something happened. After all, it's their lives, not mine and nobody knows what really goes on in a relationship except for the ones involved.
  • Probably, but it really depends. I mean, I'll probably be sour toward the guy/girl for a bit. Like "How heartless of you." But then I'd just think it was just a mistake. I mean, if something's going wrong in the relationship, cheating may happen although it's a sour move. The more severe the cheating was, the more difficult I would find it to hang out with them as a couple. If the cheater was screwing somebody else like three times or more and the cheatee forgave him/her, I'd probably think there's something wrong with both of them. o_0
  • Для меня очень важен вопрос честности в отношениях. Поэтому я бы конечно продолжала общаться с такой парой, но все же попыталась бы обьяснить своему лучшему другу/подруге важность чесности в отношениях, что бы больше такого не случалось.. Ведь неправильно постоянно терпеть ложь и прощать её даже во имя любви.. Именно потому я бы простила в первый раз, и во второй раз, но не уверена, что смогла бы закрывать глаза на постоянные обиды моего друга/подруги.
  • I wouldn't forgive them, bottom line. Cheating is never EVER okay. If you aren't content enough in your relationship to keep it in your fucking pants, than you should have the balls, or courage, to just end the relationship, rather than hurt the other person, make them feel like less than what they are, just because you wanted your cake and to eat it too. If my friend was stupid enough to forgive their significant fuckhead, then they are not the person that I thought they were, and I would analyze and rethink the friendship that we have. I would refuse to be near them as a couple, because I don't think I could stand there, without making cold, angry, digging comments at the cheater, and the time would be a waste :)
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