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If you could choose one super-power, what would it be and why?

Answers (614)

  • Всепроникающую Мудрость, поскольку она бы позволила ясно видеть)

  • Making any man sexually anxios while chatting even without seeing me.
    This cocktail of  wish&anxiety, composed of my special astral vision, sexuality and mental force, our  wish  not to be alone, make people alive.
    And make us fly hihger than the fastest cloud-drifting-thought  ever...
  • Control of the Elements. Kind of like X-Men's Storm....but way cooler and powerful. I was thinking of flying or mind control...but it just seems too boring. Controlling different elements way cooler and a lot more useful. Earth- Grow my own veggies/Fruits, move rocks and hit people with them Fire- Keeps me warm...roast marshmellows, Burn people like no tomorrow Water-Have my own source of drinking water, Drown People Air-Helps me float to different places...kinda like flying....Uhhh can't think of a defense Electricity- I can do the Star Wars Emperor Thing. Yeah. See and I am considering it ONE super-power because you need them all for all of them to work. So HA!!
  • Иногда снятся сны в которых я ЛЕТАЮ. оЧуЧения непередаваемые...
  • I'd chose Sharingan from the anime and manga series Naruto. Why? Because my life at the university would be so much easier! If I don't have the time to study I could just copy everything another person writes. XD
  • Psychokinesis. Honestly... I think the only reason I would ever want this power, is so that I could mess with peoples minds. But then again, that's just how I roll!
  • I think I would want to be able to teleport myself and other things. I feel like i could do some serious damage with tha kind of power. lol.
  • i would love to have the power to be invisible whenever i feel like it. so i can walk around and watch the world goes by without me~
  • It would be the power to fly ! Why !? Because I'd feel free and could go anywhere I wanted. Oh, just the thought of it... *sigh* Anyway, I'm now replaying to all of the reviews from WHB's last chapter ! I'm replying very slowly, because I'm also writing. No, it's not for WHB, it's for that other story I've talked about ;) So far, I have three complete chapters, and today I'm planning on finishing the fourth one! I'm really excited about it, but I'm afraid all the inspiration will go away once I reach a certain amount of chapters, like it happened with Stripping You and Your Love's sequel =| Let's hope that won't happen! I'm loving the lead couple, here :)
  • Oh, well...shapeshifting I think. ^^ I could change into a bird and fly away if I wanted to...or I could become a wolf and discover the wilderness. Or...or I could turn into something tiny and hide away from the world or spy on others *kidding* *LOL* But I do think that shapeshifting would be a great super-power to have :)
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