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Just another manic Monday

Do you look forward to returning to work/school on Mondays or do you live for the weekend? What do you enjoy most about weekends? What do you dread most about school and/or work?

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  • S82P5AB
  • Mondays... I can't say I like them too much. Actually I hate them. I can't sleep on Sunday nights, I don't get sleepy early enough. So I have to drink coffee in the morning and during the day. You know, I hate coffee, I prefer tea but on Mondays (and when I have exams) I really need it. So, yeah... I love to go to the university, I have nothing against weekdays but I hate Monday to the core. Weekends are usually the time to visit my family. Nothing interesting happens and I can't say I relax on weekends. Family is disturbing XD But I like them ^.^
  • When I was in high school I actually lived for the week days where I was at school. School, for me, was like a retreat away from my mother's house and I used it to get away from the problems in my home life. It was at school that I felt the most comfortable, and I even went as far as to call it my "home." However, now that I am in college I live for the weekends. There is more time for me to spend with my friends and to sleep in past 7am. However, my week is a little different than every one else's in the fact that I don't have any classes on Thursdays, so life for me is a little easier. Next semester I actually planned it out where I don't have any classes on Fridays, so I actually have a three day weekend every weekend (exciting I know!). Anywho, I really enjoy the weekends because I can create my own schedule for the weekend, whereas I have to follow the same schedule for classes each day that I've followed the entire semester. The only downside to weekends is whenever people go home for the weekend. Sometimes I think that all of my friends get together in advance and say that they are going home all on the same weekend, and then I am left at school. Lol, but I have found that it is sometimes those weekends that are really nice because I have all this time to myself, and usually I have my room to myself, so I can blare my music as loud as I want to (which you can't exactly do on a week day).
  • At the moment, weekends don't feel that different to weekdays. For instance, right now, it's Friday night (or Saturday morning), and I keep having to remind myself that tomorrow is Saturday. That is because I have had a week off from lectures and classes, and so haven't had anything to differentiate the days from one another. In a usual week, I have lectures and classes through the week, and nothing at the weekend. But because I am a student, I often spend the weekend working, on essays and reading. So aside from the fact that I have no classes, weekends do not feel that different to me. However, when I was working in a full-time job, the weekends were important. When I worked in a shop, more often than not, I would end up working on a Saturday. It meant that I did not really appreciate Saturday, because it was no different to a Tuesday, or a Thursday. Apart from the fact that the shop would be busier, on account of everyone else having the day off. Then, when I got a job in which I worked Monday to Friday, the weekend became very important to me. I had never really realised how good 5pm on a Friday evening could feel until then. Saturday mornings became my favourite time of the week, because they held so much promise. I still feel that way, even if I do often spend the weekend doing work for university. I especially like Saturday mornings when I haven't been out on the Friday night. It means I wake up feeling fresh and ready for whatever the weekend may contain. Saturday usually means shopping, or at least a trip into town. I love weekend food, because I always try to eat something nice for dinner on a Saturday night, even if it is just chips from the chip shop. As long as its something I love. And then, of course, Sunday has its own appeal, because of the roast dinner. I haven't had a roast dinner for 3 months, so I am craving one now. And Sunday night tea is always delicious too. I am definitely a weekend person!
  • i leave for the weekend... and yes, i dread going back to work.. haha though i try not too... we are what we make of our lives.. and i'm trying to make mine less miserable hahha.. and well working life isn't that bad when you have friends :)
  • ..I love schools only when there is no class.. ..I mean there is a class..but without the class.. ..:)) ..wish u get it.. ..what i mean is that u know, we can get to do whatever we want.. ..in school i mean.. ..what i enjoy about the weekends is that there are no homeworks to think of, no evil teachers to think about and I get to chat with the boy I love.. ..:) ..what I dread about school is that my teacher is so EVIL!! and another thing, i hate our subjects..it's BOR-ING!!!
  • This is a little old but I'll answer it anyway. I live for the weekend! :D Cause I get to sleep and wake up late! And catch up on my homework. =.= The worst thing about school is, of course, the homework and tests. The learning part is fun, though.
  • I LIVE FOR THE WEEKEND! For sure! I can't stand Mondays, or School! I enjoy everything I get to do on the weekends, I do whatever I want! I can sleep alllllll day if I choose, or not sleep at all! I dread so much about school! I hate waking up for it, I hate like everyone there, ugh, I hate having to pay attention and do work or fail, I hate having to bring the work home and doing it, I hate having to come home and sleep and shit before the next day just to dread it more. Yeah, most of the time I am miserable in school! That's not who I really am, at all, I'm a happy person! I swear! :)
  • I look forward to Mondays to see my guy at school. <3 To stare him down I HATE the weekends because I'm with my family. >.<
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