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1, 2, 3, 4, Journaling can cool earth's core!

Will you participate in Blog Action Day, powered by Change.org? Do you think journaling about environmental issues can raise public awareness and drive (pedal?) grassroots activism to chill global warming? If so, join and start posting for a healthy planet.

Answers (108)

  • Alright. We can settle this right now. Global warming is not a problem so how can journaling fix what isn't broken? According to the scientists that told you about global warming, the Earth is billions of years old. Ever think, for once in your futile lives, that the Earth cycles through more than just seasons? Maybe every few thousand years, the Earth rids itself of the morons that still manage to survive. If you are more concerned about your carbon footprint than actual current events and problems, come on over. I'll take you out back like Old Yeller and we can destroy your carbon footprint.
  • No, i do not believe that journaling will help raise awareness about environmental issues because the world is well aware we are in danger and if you want to make a difference or help, telling your computer will not help. The people with the power or ability to make a difference have better things to do than read an unqualified persons opinions on environmental issues. If a person is willing to put in the time and effort to make a difference, do some recycling or solar power your house. considering how many people go on the internet and blog everyday, i doubt anyone's words would make much of a difference or impact on the way our world is run. Not to mention, in Cradle to Cradle, they mention how computers add to the toxic chemicals and impractical manufactoring, so why would we use our computers to try and fix that? Ironic...

  • I don't believe that anyone on earth thinks that the earth is okay, everyone knows about global warming that knows how to read or watches the news. I don't think that blogging or talking about it is going to raise public awareness, because the people that know about global warming and "living green" will either go to the extra effort to recycle and help out, or they won't. Talking about it won't really help. And fuck some blogging to raise public awareness, that's retarded. Why don't the people who sit there and blog about it have some kind of fundraiser, or walk, or benefit to raise money for more recycling centers? Or for recycling boxes that you don't have to pay the county $16 for or whatever the cost is now. Just sitting home blogging about how bad the earth is doing and how bad the people are who don't do EVERY SINGLE THING possible to help out, is a waste of time.
    P.S. I think the world is too fucked up for a little bit of "grassroots activism" and recycling to do much good. The world will end before my children are grown up, not only due to our mistakes and misuse of the earth, but also due to generations upon generations that didn't take care of the earth before us.

  • Something for nothing? Why do we think that change happens with simple emotion? Who says the globe is warming? Why isn't it part of a cycle? Did you know that it was warmer in Roman times than it is now? This is based on which passes were open in winter and what plants grew. Who say that we can do anything about sunspots, which also control weather.

    This is the popular religion of our time. Don't count on me to participate.

  • Yes I will operate. The main thing that an animal the advantage was
  • I totally failed at blogging on Blog Action Day which defeats the whole purpose when I blog a day later I suppose. But anyway, I had planned to write an entry and then get Todd to write some of his thoughts on environmental issues so it'd be two entries in one day. Cool, no? Anyway...I think the negative response towards Blog Action Day is a little disheartening. People were criticizing it saying it wouldn't change anything. But I think it does...but not how you would expect it. The whole point of people unifying and participating in something together is empowering. Once empowered, you feel less overwhelmed and more inspired to make changes. Once you make changes, hopefully others will note the changes you've made and things you strive to accomplish and learn something/be inspired too/notice something they've never noticed before. It definitely can raise public awareness because I have many LJ friends that never blog about environmental issues. Hopefully Maybe at least one of those LJ friends will read this entry and it'll make them think about this. And that would be amazing in itself. When I went away to college I had recently switched completely into veganism after living a mostly vegan lifestyle but not quite for many years. I had the fortune to meet 3 other vegetarians while in college. By the end of college, without any sort of forcing of my beliefs onto any of them, the three veggies were vegan and two of my meat-eating roomies had switched to vegetarianism. Just because they saw us doing it. And Todd, a former hardcore and I mean big-time carnivore had switched to vegetarianism during this time as well. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone else do it. This is a big reason I want to become involved in organizations like Rainforest Action Network [ http://ran.org/ ] & Sea Shepherd [ http://www.seashepherd.org/ ] because I know I could be doing more and if I participated with people with similar passions, I'd be inspired and hopefully accomplish a tonne. While I am disheartened by the day-to-day reaffirmation that not enough people are taking climate change seriously enough, I am still hopeful that things like Blog Action Day and all the other events taking place over the next 10 weeks before the Summit will be the small stones falling before the avalanche of change. P.S. It snowed for the first time here yesterday...on Blog Action Day. I love snow and stated so on my Facebook status. Most of my fellow Woodstonians were griping about it. I want to say don't you remember when we were younger? A mere 20 years ago....when we'd have 3 foot snow drifts from October to April and it'd be the accepted norm?! Now we have such mild, brief winters and we live on a snow belt!! Isn't it terrifying that in such a short time by the planet's standards there has been such a drastic change? It keeps me up at night! Think of 20 years from now...will South-western Ontario be without snow completely? :'[ I can only hope not.
  • Honestly? Yes, I think it can, but how much awareness can be raised depends on hos may people read your blog. You have to make yourself known before you can influence people.

  • No. i won't participate the Blog Action Day. i care about the envirionmental issues. but i don't think "Blog Action Day" can change the situation. In my opinion, the key solution is universal education, through various means. Because in our country ,Those who damage the environment, have little contact with internet.We should be through other channels, to inform them about the dangers of environmental pollution caused.
  • Um, I didn't even know about it, guess I've been offline for too long recently, but it seems like a good idea from the perspective of raising awareness. As to whether it will succeed in the aim to "chill global warming", well, only time will tell, eh?
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