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My Favorite Neighborhood Business

What is it about your favorite local small business that keeps you coming back again and again?

Answers (171)

  • Jimmy's Italian Market , Mia's, La Calle Doce, Benny's Bagels

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  • There is this burger place/coffee shop on the corner of Colfax and Rosemary, along this high-traffic, run-down road where my generation and the members of other generations that never made it like their contemporaries sit and buy cigarettes, watch the traffic go by, and think about how our lives go nowhere and never will. 
    Colfax, at least near that part, is the Skid Row of Colorado, if you can be there and not feel like running, there's something seriously wrong with you.
    And this little, ramshackled building with a motley collection of couches, the biggest TV you'd see in that area, and a some high-quality food making equipment sits there, blending in perfectly from the outside, sits there, between gunshot objects and people, run down buildings, and scraggly animals and scraggier hoboes, just watching the buses and cars rush by and go towards wherever they're going.
    But {as anyone who's ever been there knows} they give away their coffee for free, because they {the managers/employees} believe that almost no one does the right thing these days, and that should seriously be fixed.  Besides, us misguided individuals could just wander the streets cold and in bad need of something warm to drink if it weren't for them.  Plus, it's obviously good karma.
     They're a crazy chill, calm, square of awesomeness nestled in a part of town I'm sorry to admit I spend an uncanny amount of time in {I kind of have to, what with living one one side and going to school on the other and all}.  The writings on the walls are hilarious, the food {if you have cash} is good, and, in the off chance you're an idiot, spaced out, or something along those lines, and lock yourself out {or someone does it for you}, they're an amazingly cool place to crash. 
    It's like your best friend's house, minus them whining at you for drinking all their coffee and eating all their food all the time.
    If you live in the Colorado area, you should go chill there an buy food.

  • My favorite in my town is Radioshack. They're return policy is excellent and when they sell a warranty they will replace the defective item on the spot. They will open an item to make sure it's the one you need before selling it to you. I'm not sure that the store manager knows my name, but he recognizes me when I come in. When my family is in need of anything electronic I tell them to try Radioshack first. Other retail places might be cheaper such as Walmart but Radioshack cares if the item stops working.

    On the other hand is Kmart. I will never buy anything electronic from Kmart unless it's a really good sale and I don't plan to break it- EVER. If you buy a warranty from them they will tell you to call a number. The people at that number will tell you to mail the item to them and you will be without the item and the money until they fix it and they don't even pay for shipping.
  • I find that when I go out to places that I eat or drink at that are local small business, the people there are treated better, care more about their jobs, and seem more friendly around co-workers. Also, I find that the atmosphere is more fun, people know people, and it's a lot cozier.

  • There's a small coffee shop called Common Grounds in Salisbury, MD on the back way to the mall by the sushi place. They're all about recycling, fair trade, and really great ingredients. They have cups made out of corn wastes so you can throw it in a compost pile and in a manner of a week or two, it's gone. They sell awesome cheesecake, which I will maim hobos and children for, and the Chai is to die for. You can ask them for flavor shots for a dollar, my favorite being the hazelnut, and that dollar or whatever will go to children in africa or children in wherever. I'm not sure, but it goes to children in need in a delicsious way. The wifi is free, the company is great, and the food and drink is wonderful.

    Go there.

  • My favorit Neighborhood Business is a restaurant name Arena's. Its a sportsbar that has live bands every week! I love it for the upbeat atmosphere and the nice employee's who know me by name now because i work right next door and am in on a daily basis! They give all the girls that work in our store a huge discount and they already have specials during the week like the four dollar nachos on thursday night and half price sandwich night on Wednesdays. I keep coming back because of the great service and deals, great entertainment and delicious food. Not to mention, its a local hangout spot, which means it's a very alid back atmosphere as opposed to the hectic, stressful touristy town!

  • There's is this little coffee shop in the town I live in (however I will not disclose the name nor the town). It's brilliant, absolutely fantastic. The best hot chocolate and café lattés in the area are served there. My friends and I are regulars, we go there every week, just to spend time together. The atmosphere is so tranquil and intimate, even if there is someone sitting at the table (or sofa as it were), one still feels as though it were just one's friends and one's self. Not to mention that the owner gives us a fair discount =)
  • I love the personal service that I receive at my local spa

  • One word. Coffee. And pizza. And a corner on the market. Small college town: 1 convenience store/gas station. 2 coffee shops. 1 pizza place. 1 local restaurant. 1 chain fast-food place. 2 hair salons and a barber shop. 1 pharmacy. 1 hardware store. 2 banks. 1 (possibly defunct?) bakery. A couple other local shops. All along a 1-mile stretch of Main Street. ETA closest Walmart: 20 minutes.  Not too much around...but it's darn good pizza and coffee.
  • The corner store where I live by is very convenient. they keep me coming back just about everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day. they stay open late and are cheaper than any gas station or CVS. what keeps me coming back is their slushies and dutches, occasionally I buy some beer from their. Their slushies are way better than seven elevens and their mini dutches are only 80 cents instead of a dollar. they also have really good pastalitos and other good munchy foods. Im friends with the people that work thier as well. they have a good business and everyone that lives in Howard goes to that store. I t is the definition of a local store.
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