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Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

Answers (1013)

  • Lois Lane. Because? * She's hot * She's amazing * She's smart * She's super talented * She's hot * She's funny * She's Lois Freakin' Lane.

  • Mike Chang from Glee. DEFINTELY.  OHMYGOD. He's like the underrated Asian dude who can dance and I find cute as heck. I mean it'd be cool if I actually had the real actor(Harry Shum Jr. <3) but he has a girlfriend and uh, I'm like almost half his age kinda. -___-

    or Savv from degrassi. <3 num num yummy mmm

  • Jake Sully from Avatar or Ronin Dex from Stargate Atlantis. They are both very hot (I prefer Jake in his Avatar form and no I'm not into furries/anthro so shutup lol) Ronin is self-explanatory lol. Complete hotness <3 and  both are pretty baddass >:D

  • OMFG....
    Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, Kris Allen or Allison Iraheta are the ones I'd want to meet. Who would I most want to take on a date? Hmmmm............................................
    Kris or Adam.
    I'd take a fucking shitload of pictures.
    No, SERIOUSLY, I would! LOL.
    Pictures are fun.
    Bai now!

  • слишком сложный вопрос по  причине своей абсурдности....Я же их  не знаю  ))))) Все остальное больное воображение.
    Мог  бы ответить  по-другому....На данный момент  в жизни  мне интересен внутренний мир  ,  откуда она черпает  свое творчество  вокалистка Iky Que......В школьном возрасте интересовала как женщина Джейн из  романа Фаулза "Дэниел Мартин".

  • штср

  • Pam from the Office. She's adorable and she's got a great personality.
  • Tank Girl or Jet Girl. I'd probably have to be a mutant kangaroo, but at least it wouldn't be a boring date. We'd probably have a picnic at Ayers Rock while blowing stuff up with a bazooka. That would be awesome. Of course, her wild, spontaneous style might be too much for me, so Jet Girl would be more of a happy medium. She has a little more class, sensitivity, and intelligence, after all. Either that, or I'd like to date a 30 year old monkey girl, similar to the character from Cirque De Freak, or maybe one like Lalu from The Fifth Element. Dating any alien lifeform would be cool, actually. As long as it's humanoid. I found that alien lady from Galaxy Quest really cute, so maybe her. A Fremen would be a little extreme, though.
  • ...Maybe William from the Emma manga, or Hakim from the same. If they were taken, I'd pick...hmm...Remus Lupin as he is in the 3rd Harry Potter book (not the movie, NEVER THE MOVIE, urgh!).
  • initially i didn't get the hype on twilight.... but i think i know why, after reading it.. i'm honestly more of a Tolkien person, so the language/writing style used... well... didn't quite sit well with me, but heck i'm the type of person who does things she doesn't like.. sometimes with surprising results.. and well.. although i didn't really like the writing style (too teenager-ly for my taste) i did like the storyline and the story flow... (for the first 2 books at least.. besides i'm a sucker for romance, and vampires haha) random rambling aside.. to answer the question.. which i think anyone could guess with the mention of twilight... i would take Edward Cullen... why? answer is simple basically.. he's my ideal guy.. intelligent, musically inclined, understanding, open, generous etc the list goes on and on... just take my word that he sounds like my ideal guy... besides the fact that his diet consists of nothing but blood, and he has super human strength.. hahaha one date isn't enough, i would like to marry a guy like that too haha and loads of other guys from various animes as well :p hehe (Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Edgar from Hakushaku to Yousei, Alzeid from Hatenkou Yuugi, Hei from Darker than black etc.. hahahah i like strong, smart, capable guys who are willing to sacrifice anything for the one they love/care for hehe :p)
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