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War and peace

Many countries require all citizens to fulfill a mandatory period of service in the armed forces. Do you agree or disagree with this policy? Do you think the current recruitment system creates or sustains socioeconomic inequality?

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  • Я за профессиональную армию и свободу выбора человека - кого ему защищать...смущает одно: если человек будет меня защищать за деньги...не продаст ли он мою жизнь за большие деньги?

  • I think it should be mandatory for those high school kids that can't function in a classroom.  For those kids that are not in school, or don't want to be there, a choice should be given.  They must enter a military branch, or continue school.  To continue school they must follow all rules and do well.  The kids would not be allowed to quit school, but instead join a military branch.  Of course, school should be restructured to prepare kids for the future by offering them a variety of couses that would interest then to continue studying.
  • It's the fairest way, and it will give people who normally wouldn't have it, the opportunity to do something for their countrymen, to learn discipline, to belong to something greater than themselves that isn't just about money.

  • Let me put it this way.  One of my best friends is Russian, and thus should have done a year of national service.  He didn't because his rich Daddy was able to give a brown envelope containing $20 000 (yes, that is dollars not rubles) to the "correct authorities".  He tells me that this is standard procedure for all kids of the Russian elite. 

    So, equality?

    I also have another two Russian friends who got out of national service.  One who was so nervous in the medical exam they thought he had a heart condition, and another who should be doing national service, but is hiding in Italy and hoping the Russian police don't find him (so far they haven't). 

    From a purely economic point of view, it seems to me a collasal waste of government funds to train people for the army who simply are not suited for it.  Funds that could be used to deal with social problems instead.  Besides, from a bleeding heart liberal viewpoint, what right does a government have to interfere in the lives of it's citizens so much as to force them to put their life on hold and, essentially, give up a year to the government?

    Tradition be hanged.

  • I definitely agree with this. You have resided in that country your entire life ... 18 years. You've grown up there and learned there. That country has served you and your needs and now it's your turn to help it and the others growing up. You need your country and now your country needs you. I think the United States should have some sort of system like this.

    I think the current recruitment system does create socioeconomic inequality also, because many people want to serve but are "ineligible" and many that don't want to serve have to.

    After high school I am moving to Israel and joining the Israel army, which has a mandatory service. all of my friends there have to join the army for boys 3 years, girls 2 .. when they turn 18.

  • Interesting question. As an Air Force wife, I have the pleasure of serving the military without acutally serving the military. Many people who have joined the military have said it was the dicipline they needed to really grow up and become a responsible adult. Many others have said it was the worst time of their lives. I don't profess to have the answers, but I think forcing someone to join an organization that might cause them to be injured or killed is a bad idea. People tend to join the military for one of two reasons (over-simplified, of course): money and patriotism. If they join for money, they might end up disappointed . . . the military is not the "cash cow" many people hope for. Many military families (mine included) struggle to make ends meet. My husband and I both work, so we are able to do better than some. I do not think voluntary service in the military hurts society. In fact, I think mandatory service would cause one of two problems: either the people serving through force would do a "half-ass job", or try to find a way out.

  • I don't feel that people should be required to serve in the armed forces (or at least in active, fighting duty.)

    I wouldn't mind if people were required to do some form of public service though - be it as simple as some community service, or working in administrative jobs for the armed services/nation guard.  I think we're lacking a very strong sense of community.  People need to start working together, and understanding the concept of public spaces.  Parks aren't places to dump trash, etc. etc.  People need to learn the value of honest, hard work.

  • I don't agree with this policy mainly because I don't believe in war. But I won't get into that. I don't think people should be forced to serve in the armed forces. There are some people who just aren't cut out for it. Like me. I'm not strong enough to do that and I would die if I had to serve in the armed forces. I cannot shoot another person and kill them. I would not be able to do it.
  • Делать там нечего, лучше и не скажешь...

  • I think its fair,
    You take the path you chose back than or even in the present; you take the consequences with it.

    i dont get the other stuff heh... Still a bit young to understand more of that stuff..

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