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Change is good

If you could change one major thing about your life, whether a relationship, your job, your living situation, your school, etc., what would it be? Are you currently working toward a serious life transition?

Answers (501)

  • This is hard, but I think other than needing to learn how to prioritize my time wisely, above all, I need to enjoy and be productive in my time spent in solitude. I can not remember my last day spent alone. I hardly ever sleep in my own bed alone. I feel a bit bothered when I don't have a friend to fall asleep talking to or some to lie next to. I also find myself phoning people a lot when i get out of class because I don't want to be alone or need a distraction from my thoughts. I keep telling myself, one of these days, i'm gonna start being in my room more, reading, painting , studying whatever, but it's so hard with this quarter system, and my room is in such a mess, i don't even wanna be in it most of the time since i'm never home to clean it.
  • Вопрос дня: "Если бы вы могли изменить одну важную вещь в своей жизни, будь то отношения, работа, жизненные условия, школа и так далее, что бы вы выбрали и почему? Что вы делаете для достижения цели?" Ответ дня: Родилась и живу в России. А в России "Если бы" - не пройдет, Россия рабовладельческая страна. В 67г. мне не возможно было поступить на юрфак - не дали справку-рекомендацию (Суд, МВД, прокуратура) по ходатайству (горкома партии, горкома комсомола и профсоюза) – в общем, на каком-то этапе на меня лимита не хватило. И в 67г – пошла в экономисты. В 09г. хочу вышивать картины крестиком и бисером. Так тесежешка все «если бы» своим бездействием подавляет: то тепла нет, то воды, то крысы с соседнего магазина к нам в подъезд забежали – и приходится заниматься крысами. Убрать со своей шеи тесежешку – не возможно, её крышует прокуратура, суды в её пользу «решения» выносят! Так что, в России, прежде чем добиться «СВОЕГО» нужно победить порочное «Если бы»
  • отношения...
  • Only one thing? haha, there is one thing i would like to change so that I could effectivly change Another thing in my life. I need a job so that i can save up enough money so that Toddler and I can move out and get our own place with our independence. I am saving half of the baby bonus I get each month as well all of the support payments, and things are starting to look promising. but unforntunatly in order to be able to sustain ourselves i will need a steady income. something i do not have. So to answer the question again. I would change the fact that I have no job. And I am currently working towards this so that I can infact have my serious transition and save my sanity.
  • The one thing I would change is go back to high school with the mind set I have now. I think I would have turned out much more differently.
  • Всё отлично, надеюсь добится того, что задумал и потом поменять работу!
  • So many things that i would change, in my life. I guess maybe i would make it so i didnt have depression or adhd. I would make it so i was a happier person, and not have these disorders that i have now. I wouldnt of fucked up in ninth grade and graduated on time. I am currently trying to work on getting better because these bipolar and depression disorders reallly put a hold on my life. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and if i could go back and changge them, i really would.
  • I'd be about 40 pounds lighter...Other than that I'm just fine
  • If I could, the one major thing I would change is moving to Europe when I was 17. Though I don't entirely regret the experience, I do think it has made my current situation that much harder. If I could press rewind, I would have broken things off with my "boyfriend" and put all my effort into going to university. It's only 3 years later, and atleast now I'm getting back on my feet. I got accepted to college and I'm moving on residence in January. It's a lot more stressful now, though, than it would have been, had I enrolled right after high school. I think the experience has made me appreciate post-secondary education though. Before, I had no motivation, no ambition. Now, it's what I look forward to. It's what I want to focus on. In a way, I'm happy I've been too shy to ask that guy from work out. Having a love interest in my life right now would be too much of a distraction.
  • I would love to move out of home. That would be the best thing to happen right now.
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