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The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

Answers (712)

  • I believe in it. I believe I'm with her. (Quinn verses jsyk)

  • i absolutley do beleive in a soul mate! i believe i have met my soul mate!!! and ther is nothing that makes me happier than to know that i am soending time with the person that i lovve(:

  • I'm not sure if I believe in it or not. I used to & I used to feel pretty sure whom mine was. But now I just don't know. As for "the one that got away": Well, if they really were "the one", wouldn't they be looking for me now? I'm pretty easy to find, actually.

  • верю...уже и не беспокоюсь, что не встретила свою родную душу, потому что эта душа с годами тебя предает...Лучше жить одной, любить безответно , потому что не надо будет ни на кого обижаться и здоровье остнется и жизнь будет интереснее!!!
  • i do believe in a soulmate but i totally agree with ryan tho : ]
  • Of course, as a little girl we dream of "the one". When I jumped into the dating scene, I was surprised at how different things actually were for me. A series of disdainful boys, with testosterone flowing through every available space in their bodies, led me to not so much believe in anything romantic anymore. Which brings me to the conclusion, that we all are supposed to be with other people... it's just finding one you can stand longer than 15 minutes.
  • I used to make the joke that I probably flipped off my soulmate some day on the highway. Having said that, my wife has made my life so comfortable that I couldn't ask for much else. But there have been a select few that have 'got away' or more likely I pushed away that at the time seemed like 'the one'.
  • Yes. She already passed on. I miss her more than life itself. blueraven6

  • I... Do. And don't. I do believe I've met someone very important to me... But I don't know where she went.

    I haven't stopped worrying about her... But then I have many important people now too... So...

    And I'm happy now~
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