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Writer's Block

Concert mania

What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?

Answers (830)

  • нет не поеду,все равно по телеку покажут.рано или поздно.

  • DONG. BANG. SHIN. KI. :////
    * yes i am still butthurt over beijing and shanghai miroticon.
    * yes i am still DYING to see jung yoonho in person. kjj? kinda, but not with them.
    * yes i seriously consider to watch dc2011. if i can.
    * yes i am procrastinating. just like bf predicted. fml forever.

  • w-inds. w-inds. w-inds.! or maybe even Keita's solo concert with Ryo and Ryu as guests~ XDDDD
    but yeah, I NEED MONEY!!!!!!

  • Of course SS501 ..i am really (really) dying to see them live . of course i would, if i only can,why not.?! ~hehe,  how i wish i am a millionaire to travel to where they are.. :D

  • Of course, one and only DBSK!!! MY ultimate wish is to see they are performing live stage five of them, together.
    And well, I'm in Korea now. I guess this is wrong timing, lol. I didn't exactly come here just because of them, there are many reasons, but DBSK was one of my big reasons.
    I couldn't see them but I see at least BEAST, after school.... etc. hehe.

  • firstly.

    i do not have a writer's block.
    i saw this and i had to write something on it.. HAH!


    yes definitely. after flying to seoul last year for GD's shine a light... YES I WILL TRAVEL TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY JUST TO SEE THEM.

    i m crazy, i get that a lot.
    but hey!
    at least i am using my own money
    i worked, i saved. i get crazy XD


  • I'm dying to seeF4,DBSG and Rain..and if i could, i would definitely travel just to see them ^_^

  • OH WOW. This is a hard question for all the music lovers out there! I don't think I can just choose one band that I have been dying to see live in concert. I just want to go. I love pretty much all music and bands, so if I had the opportunity to go and see someone live in concert I would go. And heck yes I would go to a different city or state!

  • Arctic Monkeys!!!

    все так и сделаю..вот если еще пару концертов пересмотрю, то начну паковать чемодан)))
  • red car wire i wouldnt have means to get to another place to see them but i would i could <3 red car wire
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