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Sick day

When you get sick, do you prefer to go it alone or be doted upon by a friend, partner, or parent? Do you usually go to work or school or stay home?

Answers (586)

  • Не нам решать...
  • Болезни не спрашивают, где, с кем, и как.

  • I realize I might sound like a cold, heartless bastard, but I believe in sick days only if you're absolutely dying.
    {at least if you're me, other people can just be sick}
    And then you go sulk alone on your couch, breathing in your own stink and eating canned soup and wishing you were dead or immortal or just not sick.
    {once again, at least if you're me}
    But I seriously rarely get sick.
    And today, dear non-existent readers, I am actually sick and can't think straight and am in desperate need of blood disinfectants {liquor has that skill}, and am quite annoyed with the mound of shit I have to do.
    Also, dear, beloved, non-existent readers, we will try something new.
    I shall post a song, then go on a random tangent rant, and you'll all think I'm insane.

    It seems that, lately, life's been sneaking up on me.
    I've always been sub-radar class.
    That chic that you could've sworn you'd seen before, but it doesn't really matter, and actually sit next to everyday or something.
    And lately, I've found myself in full radar view.
    It's uncanny, being caught, recognized, loved.
    And this is me being angsty.
    *angst shark*

  • I would love to be tended to when sick. But, it just doesn't happen. Also, I stay home. I don't appreciate that someone else didn't stay home, and I ended up sick. I certainly do my best to not return the "favor".

  • alone, and I love it when I fallen sick~ that keeps me away from people.

  • When i get sick i always cure myself. (i don't want my siblings or parents to fuss over me, when i got better they'll just rub it to my face). but sometimes it was nice to let your friends worry about you, at least they care.

    i always go to school healthy or unhealthy Xd

  • When I've got the average cold or whatever, I kinda like to stay at home by myself. Being by myself means that I can play sims or watch movies as much as I want, despite being sick. Playing the sims takes my attention away from the fact that I am sick, which actually makes me feel better, rather than just sitting on the couch feeling like absolute shit. However, my parents fail to see that and give me a limited time with the tv. Gahhh.

  •  It all depends. I rarely let myself get to the point I'm confined in bed. Now that I live totally solo I do lounge about the house. I guess I just refuse to let myself cave in as badly as I can. I would love to be doted upon though. It's incredibly, incredibly rare - in fact just about non-existant - for me to be doted on when I am sick. Growing up when I was younger my mom would get me breakfast and if I was really ill she would dote on me. But as I got older it got less and less and in fact now that I live alone, well let's just say I am solo. I'm one who if a friend is sick I dote on them, want to be there to help them, go get meds or chicken soup if I can for them. I'd so love for someone to do that for me and I finally got an offer for that. When he heard that I'd had a minor surgical procedure done for an exam, he got after me that it was ridiculous I instantly went out and shoveled 5 inches of snow from my driveway when I should've been resting. I told him that it was common knowledge it wouldn't get done elsewise and he quickly shot back that it would - I just need to tell him if it has to be done and he'll be there. Even when I had those scratches, tending to me, observing and even rubbing the ointment - so doting when he's around. It's sort of nice and I love to eat it up. Usually I force myself to work as I can't afford a sick day with no pay. If it's where I just feel like hating people with being sick I do sit at home then.

  • I want to be left alone. Totally. No calls, texts, or stopping by to check on me. I promise I will live. I will stay hydrated and take my meds as directed. I can start my own IV if it comes to that, and it wont hurt my fatass one bit to miss a meal or two. Trust me.

    I will go to work unless I'm contagious or feeling seriously crappy, or if there's fever or vomiting. Then it's just stupid to try.

  • When I'm really sick it depends if i have a high temperture i would love to cuddle with my boo but most the time i perfer to stay home be alone cause i get grumpy too so i rather stay home get better a lil then get out, i hate to be out when im really sick, i feel icky, unless I;m going to drink then i feel better! but i love my mom taking care of me when im sick if im on her good side ...lol
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