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Confessions of a couch potato

What is the longest uninterrupted period of time you've ever watched TV? Were you alone or with a friend/partner? Do you tend to watch more TV when you're happy, depressed, or simply bored?

Answers (354)

  • Я телевизор почти не смотрю.. Нету на это времени. Самое долгое время просмотра это 90 минут :) футбольный матч.
  • A few hours, I guess. Years ago. The longest session was at least four years ago - probably much longer than that. I don't watch TV anymore; there's little that's interesting, and I feel lazy when watching TV...Even though I don't always feel lazy when wasting time in some other way at the computer. Probably because I'm usually doing something at the computer; I don't like to watch long videos (or movies) at the computer, either. But I used to spend fifteen hours a day at the computer (during the summer vacation, obviously), about six or seven years ago. v_v

  • ,mine would be almost a week i guess..there was even a point where we watched TV straight for 3 days without having a long sleep...we'll stop only to sleep for about 2 hours then wake up and watch again..i was with my friends and we were watching the anime series Prince of Tennis...the whole series, from episode 1 up to the finals....I tend to watch TV when I am bored....
  • It was nine hours of a marathon of Ancient Mysteries episodes on either Discovery or the Learning Channel. Took up a whole Sunday, I think--and it was time very well wasted. :)

  • I'd more likely play videogames or browse the net then watch TV. The longest I've ever spent watching tv was maybe an afternoon or two watching cartoons as a kid. All the good cartoons of the 80's and 90's aren't on TV anymore and all they have is reality shows now... so guess what, no tv. lol

    I'd have to be really, really bored to actually sit in front of a TV I think.

  • I watch tv when i got totally nothing to do. When I have done all the things thatr needed to be done from homework to my house errons and when my boyfriends at work and im every so bored. I shower doll up do everything there is then at the end i may sit and watch tv as much as i hate tv, i surf da web at the same time and educate myself at the same time....

  • Часов пять, смотрел один, смотрю телевизор когда больше нечем заняться, а на улице некомфортная погода.

  • I think it was 7 hours! i was sick in bed. and i remember i watched C.SI miami
    and Crimminal minds back to back !!!
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