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Writer's Block

Life is a masquerade

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? How long do you typically plan your costume? Do you keep it a secret?

Answers (480)

  • YESSSSSS !!!!! But I give my self 2 weeks to make the costume. Not cool I know I should done it in the first day in OCt and my dream keep on waring me about it. -_-
    I all most done with it, I was scared that I will not be finishi by them.
    And oh i'm going as Hakuren from 07-Ghost.
    No not really.....
  • Yes, definitely planning to dress up. Dunno. Think about it for a couple of months. I've never kept my costumes a secret.
  •  Jejejejejeej get drunk?
    Here in Japan they do it almost everyday...
    But ok, I dressed up as a dead girl or something like that.....so yeah...why not?

  • Yes i'm planning on dressing up for halloween. I'm really excited about it, and i usually plan a month ahead. Maybe more because i usually get stuff off ebay. No i don't keep it a secret.

  • Yes!!!! I have a pole going on on facebook haha. I vary to be honest, sometimes I'm an early planner, sometimes late. Sometimes I'll tell people, sometimes its a surprise haha

  • Yes. I start planning  around 2 weeks in advance. And no (why would i keep it a secret?).

    c'mon i want a better writer's block guys.


  • I'm dressing up zombie style this year! (=
    Though it's more of a cosplay of Rhode Kamelot from D.Gray-man. ^^

    Usually I go look for costumes but this year I'm being a cheapo and just putting one with stuff I already own lol.

    And, well, I don't see the point of keeping the costume a secret either xD It's funner discussing different ideas with everyone in my opinion ^^

    I proclaim this year's Halloween to be awesome! : D

    lol this is the best pic I can come up with, though it's not colored. If it doesn't show up it's because html hates me OTL;;;
  • I'm dressing up as Julia Child for Halloween. I have a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and everything! I'm really excited for Halloween this year, even though I have no idea what I'm going to do. I think I'm a little bit to old to go trick-or-treating.

  • Lin and I are sexin' it up this Halloween: 
    We're going to CLASH this holiday as we dress up as two leading divas from rival bands. Yes, we're going out Jem style! XD Lin will head towards the light (or perhaps the pink in this case) as she portrays good girl Jem, lead singer of the Holograms, while I bitch it up and go as her rival Pizzazz, frontwoman of the Misfits!

    I admit that it was completely SPUR of the moment type of decision when we spazzed out on Facebook deciding what to do, but I think it will be brilliant! We're going to do our own versions (c'mon people. Have you seen Pizzazz's make-up!? I'm not walking around like that!) So, we're sort of modifying it to fit our tastes (well, as much as one could modify bright neon colors! XDXDXDXD)

    Showtime Synergy!

    For those who aren't 80's children (or cool enough to recall the awesomeness that is Jem), Jem is front center in the Pink and Pizzazz is the sassy gal to her right in green.

    Be aware, this Halloween will be TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    It's required, by my own personal law, to dress up. :)
    I plan my costume all of October, and I don't keep it a secret, unless I'm trying to surprise someone. ;D

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