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Agree to disagree

Have you ever stopped being friends with someone over differences in political views? Are there any issues that are so important to you that you cannot be friends with someone who holds a contrary opinion?

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  • смогу
  • I think it's very possible to have different political views and still remain friends. First of all, I'm not that into politics. I know what I think and I know how I'll vote, but I'm not interested in getting into debates or anything like that. *yawn* Second of all, to each his own. That's what makes this country great, right? We can have different opinions and still maintain some form of civility... I would hope... Although, I guess some political views do show an insight into moral views. Not that I couldn't be friends with someone, but it is easier when you share common beliefs. Haha but then what am I doing with Shane? We're so different (politically and even somewhat morally)

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  • On the contrary, yet also to my surprise, I have had nice conversations with people espousing diametrically opposed political views. Even one of my female friends, with whom I used to hang out with a lot, and I have a good friendship and even jokingly attack each other's politcal views... all in good fun, as we're still to this day good friends. :)

  • I can't imagine losing a friend over a political opinion. If someone has a contrary belief from mine than it's probably best for me to listen. For a politician with good intentions, I'd hope for them to be able to exercise understanding in order to truly rationalize the pros and cons for their beliefs.
  • I do believe that variety is good, and I respect it that people ahve other views on things than me. What would be a dealbreaker would be if they disagreed heavily on something that was very important to me, like... Religion. Now don't get me wrong, I tolerate all religions. What I'm talking about is if someone is so religious that they inhibit themselves and tries to drag me down with them. It's never cool to try and force your beliefs on others, and you should let some "higher power" decide how you'll live your life. Some political things would also be dealbreakers like... Well, Nazism and all neo-nazi-like things like "Vigrid" or calling yourself a "nationalist". I have actually stopped talking to a friend after I realised that she was a lightneo-nazi, and that she thought it was like the coolest thing ever. I can never agree with that, and I don't want to be associated with people who do. Other political things would also make me cringe, like if someone insisted on having a very racistic or "people of this and that kind/gender should not have any rights at all" kind of attitude. I'm not cool with that at all. Otherwise, I'm pretty open when it comes to political things.

  • Those who think the economy is supposed to go "up and down" are the same people that fit into the "cannot be friends with" category in that second question. I've lost plenty of friends due to my unwillingness to cope with a view of theirs I feel is damaging to either myself or people in general.

  • My friends believe Darwinism, but I am Catholic.
    So, we had a serious conversation.

    I didn't really like to conversate with them...

  • I personally have never stopped being friends with someone over differeneces in political views up to this pt in time. But I suppose it could happen as anything is possible. However I think it have to be something pretty extreme to make me stop being friends with someone or not become friends with someone. I think I would be more likely to stop being friends with someone who stopped being friends with someone cuz of political views. I think if ppl have differeneces and someone elses view pts effect them so much they should just agree to not talk about politics when they talk and spend time together. But thats just my view pt.

    What about you dear reader?
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