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Most memorable concert

What was the most memorable concert you ever attended? What made it so magical?

Answers (648)

  • I don't go to concerts, since they aren't in areas that I go to. I only went to perform in my own, which are not really concerts, but open mics. I do have a couple of memorable open mic night memories I enjoyed, since they were very successful, and they were in 1999-2000 era,
  • It would be one I wrote about recently, when my Mom took me and my sister to a Summer theater concert by the Everley Brothers!! Twenty years after they first made it big, I finally got to see them in person and they were just as thrilling as when I was a teen!!!! AND, they each shook my hand as they left the stage by the aisle where I was sitting!!
  • Not the most memorable, but the most recent... One of my daughters purchased tickets to a concert to see Michael Stagliano (Evidently, he was a contestant on the The Bachelorette Season 5, and Bachelor Pad 2, but I don’t watch those shows, so I had no idea who he was). Since it was on Mother’s day, Moms got to tag along free and receive a free red rose. Rachel, Ruth, and I drove to some remote place in downtown Raleigh. No one was there. I was expecting there to be crowds and long lines. Wrong. When they let us in to the tiny room with a tiny little stage, it became evident that we were it. All three of us (but then about 20 more people wandered in, too). There were three little tables in front. We sat at one of the tables. For a joke, I pushed our table up close enough to touch the stage(before the concert started). My girls were horrified. “Mom, you can’t do that!” Before I could pull the table back in place, someone else came and pushed the other table up right beside ours. They thought it was a great idea. So, I’m holding my rose and Michael Stagliano comes into the back of the room and starts talking with a few people before the concert starts. I hand the rose to my daughter Ruth, and told her go ask Michael if he would accept this rose from her, (a spin off from the Bachelorette show). I was mostly kidding. She picked up my rose, walked up to him and asked if he would accept her rose. He laughed and accepted it. Thankfully, he had a good sense of humor. Photobucket

  • Troy Casser Daley because I got to meet him!! I was so excited

  • It was my first ever concert I ever went too..... It was the Backstreetboys and it was in the year of 2002 and it was my dad's birthday... I still can't believe he bought the tickets and took me there on his day. Everyday and every night i appreciate my dad for doing that to me. I tell him every chance i get that i love him and i care about him and everything. When i was little I saw very little my dad but now being an adult now I get to see him a lot more. It's hard to explain why i can't explain or describe why i didn't see him alot in my childhood and teenage years...
  • Outside of my kids' school events, I really have not been to many concerts as the ticket prices are always WAY out of my league. But some years ago, my mother treated me to an Everley Brothers concert at the South Shore Circus in Cohasset! They were a lot older than when they were really popular, but they still had great voices and harmonies and they put on a great energetic show with all the old songs plus some new stuff. My thrill was when they left the stage by the aisle we were seated in, and they each actually shook my hand as they went by!! I was a 15 yr. old fangirl for the next 24 hrs., even though I was married and had four kids!!


    Chris Tomlin - Hello Love Tour, April 2009

    In order for me to describe why this concert was so memorable, I will have to back up about 13 years.

    I had just attended a Christian concert with a group of friends, and I walked out of the auditorium feeling sad and disappointed. Everyone else loved it, so I didn’t want to say anything and be a killjoy. And, it’s not that the artist wasn’t any good. He was great, actually. It’s just that the concert was all about him. And the concert was all about being entertained.

    I rarely, if ever attended concerts, so I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess I was looking for an experience that would leave me feeling closer to God than when I had come. For that reason, I didn’t attend any more concerts for a long time.

    Then, one day, in 2006 I was talking to a friend who had just attended a Chris Tomlin concert in town. She described to me a whole new concept in Christian concerts. You don’t go there to be entertained. You don’t just listen… You sing along and worship.

    “Are you kidding me?” I asked. “I never knew such a thing existed.”

    This is what I had been waiting for without even knowing it! At that moment in time, I determined that if he ever came back to town, I would go.

    And I did!


  • наверное, "Пятница 13-ое: АлисА, Ария, Король и Шут" июль 2001 года в Зеленом Театре парка Горького. лето, закончила школу, и дождь во время концерта. и песни были отличные отыграны, и Ария с Кипеловым тогда была, и Алиса в старом составе, и КиШ на волне популярности тогда был.

  • When I saw Avenged Sevenfold!! Best night EVER!

  • Most definately has to be HIM when they came to NZ in 08. Whats more memorable than seeing your favourite band for the first time?!!
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