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Most inspiring teacher

Who is the most inspiring teacher you ever had and why? How often do you think about what they taught you? How has it changed your life?

Answers (424)

  • My high school chaplain Matt Brady, he taught me many life lessons

  • There is absolutely no question that the most inspiring teacher I ever met was a man who loved God. He dedicated his life to studying and teaching God's rightly divided Word. (2 Timothy 2:15) He studied and taught God's Word to anyone and everyone who would listen. He was my Father in the Word, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille. After he died many years ago, others picked up the torch and continue to study and teach and live God's magnificant Word.
  • I can't think of one particular teacher in the specific sense, though I did have many really good teachers over my educational years. Instead I'll write about my aunt, my Dad's youngest sister. She and her family used Grammy's cottage, a few doors away from ours, every August. Her kids were younger than us. I watched how she tailored her teaching and correcting to the temperment of each child. I saw that she separated 'mistakes' from 'naughtiness'. She always helped the child to make amends in some way. She didn't yell when something spilled but handed a cloth and said "Let's clean up this mess together" and "Next time, ask someone to pass the milk instead of reaching over so far." She spoke about their feelings, to help them understand themselves; "It looked to me like you were angry that I have to spend so much time with the baby, and I think maybe that's why you wanted to take his toy away and make him cry. Maybe if you help me get him to sleep, there will be more time for you and I to read a book together". She never spanked, but talked with them about their mistake and how they could make amends for what they'd done and how they should do things better the next time. She wasn't afraid to be angry but never let it get out of hand. Punishments, when needed, were made to fit the infraction. "You broke your brother's fishing pole, now you will have to give him yours."She has been a model for my mothering and teaching for many, many years.

  • A man by the name of Bill Gothard.

    His teachings laid huge foundations in my life when I was in high school. 

    While I haven't necessarily agreed with everything he's taught,  I admire his steadfast conviction. 

    A person of conviction can change the world.

    Here are a few things I learned from him...

    Attentiveness vs. Unconcern
    Showing the worth of a person by giving undivided attention to his words and emotions (Hebrews 2:1)
    Boldness vs. Fearfulness
    Confidence that what I have to say or do is true and right and just in the sight of God (Acts 4:29)
    Compassion vs. Indifference
    Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others (I John 3:17)
    Deference vs. Rudeness
    Limiting my freedom in order not offend the tastes of those whom God has called me to serve (Romans 14:21)

  • My most inspiring teacher shall remain nameless, but he teaches Journalism 1. He is still my teacher. What he taught me begins with a story: He told a small group in our class one day how, when he was back in high school, he was riding in a car with a bunch of friends. They got into an accident, and he walked away without a scratch, but his best friend died. I thought, "How do you survive that? How do you deal with that? I know I'd still wake up crying forty years later!" I didn't tell my teacher this, but the look on my face must have shown it. But my teacher just shook his head and looked at his desk. He said that when he was a kid his parents wanted him to go to counciling for his anger. He told them he'd figure it out on his own, but after that accident...it all went downhill. So where is he know? Well, he's smiling and goofy in class almost every day. He makes jokes. But he's not afraid to tell you how he feels. For instance, if you ask how his night is going he won't give the generic answer "fine". He's perfectly ok with "well, ive been at school way too long and I really want to go home." As for the anger? He worked it out. But every once in a while, when someone sets him off, he shouts. Because he hates people who don't enjoy life to the fullest. Or people who cheat. Honestly, I can't blame him. I guess he taught me how precious happiness is, and to ALWAYS mean what you say, even if you dont say what you mean. Thanks for that, by the way:)

  • Хм.......кто был моим любимым учителем...Сложный вопрос.
    Сейчас, спустя уже 4 месяца(господи, целых 4 месяца с выпускного прошло! Как быстро время летит!!), можно попробовать дать на него ответ.

    Назвать одно имя очень трудно. Мы переходили из класса в класс, менялись наши взгляды, наши предпочтения. Помню, как я люто ненавидела новую "училку по алебре", которая пришла к нам в далеком шестом. И тройки-то она ставила, и дз проверяла...Ну куда это годится? Несправедливая, злая..Какими только эпитетами не нагржадал наш класс Тамару Григорьевну. В каких только красках она не обсуждалась! (Бедняга наверное икала целыми днями).
    Со временем привыкли, полбили...Даже книгу Макаренко по ее совету прочитала. На алгебру даже в самую отвязную пору своей школьной жизни не забивала. А все из-за нее))

    На другом важном портрете моей школьной галереи изображена Ольга Евгеньевна. Наше все. История и обществознание.
    Именно благодаря ей я наконец-то разобралась, who is who в Киевской Руси. Сподвигнуть меня, дикую лентяйку, сдавать историю..за два месяца до егэ...Только она могла. И ничего, 80 балов. Вот что значит хорошее объяснение и умение заинтересовать.
    Кстати, кто-нибудь слышал про Шереметьева? его участия в Крымской войне? показательный пример русской дипломатии)

    И последний учитель.В списке, но не по значению. учитель английского.
    Жанна Анатольева...Как же я ее люблю! Даже добавлять ничего не буду. Это лишнее.

  • My most inspiring teacher was my english teacher, i cant now speak english well...(maybe) and so i can live in america and understand english "så nu jag dont har att tala svenska hela tiden" so i dont have to speak swedish in hopes that someone else will...

  • The most inspiring teacher I have ever had?
    A religous education teacher, miss mckibben.
    I don't know why, but as a shy first year, she allowed me to tell everyone my views and my thoughts on everything in life.
    I owe her alot, for boosting my confidence, I think she had alot to do with who I am now.

  • Thats got to be Mr H. He was my english teacher, grades 8, 11 & 12. He wasnt an old fart like the rest of the teachers at the school. he was musical and he valued our opinions, bringing them into conversation and using them in examples of texts that he forwarded on to us. But mainly, he is one of the few people who have given me the most confidence when it came to my writing. he praised it before anyone else did, and seeing as how much i love writing now, and am choosing it as a career path, i am truly grateful.
    Thanks Sir! ill send you a copy when its published.

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