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Do you prefer a tent or a luxury hotel?

Would you rather spend the weekend camping in the woods or at a luxury hotel? Why?

Answers (448)

  • Well, to be perfectly honest. I don't like either, but if I had a choice, maybe staying in the woods, because I don't like luxury hotels, since they have high floors and see through elevators. I hate those things. I'd rather stay in a hotel that is filled with low floors, or spread out. I like those better.
  • ~Luxury hotel, dude. I've been homeless so why the fuck would I want live like that in the fucking woods?

  • Depends on who I'm going with, Angela doesn't camp, the kids love it.
  • The luxury hotel.  I likes my creature comforts.  Camping is fun, exciting, and the fresh air generally facilitates a good nights sleep.... but there's an element of 'make do and mend' to the whole enterprise that I don't like...  I like things to be perfect.  Where others see an idyllic picnic spot with lovely eats, I see rain and insects and limp sandwiches...  Maybe I've been camping in the wrong places.

  • In the past the answer to this would have been clear cut. I used to prefer camping. Now, I'm not sure whether the body would cope what with the arthritis and the FMS. I've stayed in 5* hotels and whilst the experience was good, I felt a little out of place. I suppose that even when I was middle-class and could afford to stay in them that my working class roots (Durham miners/soldiers on one side of the family, Cockney manual workers the other) were showing. I'm happier in 3* hotels, I don't feel there is any class pressure on me then. If it's just an overnight the a Travelodge is good enough as the beds are comfy, and the are generally clean.
  • This is a tough one!! I love camping, and as my friends know, I've recently done both tenting, and 'camping' in a log cabin!! I do like hotel stays (who doesn't??) but can't often do that. Camping is more work, but there's an 'intimacy' to camping, working together and sharing a small space and such that you don't get from a hotel experience. I think I'd rather go camping, as long as it's with my best friend, my hubby.

  • Normally a luxury hotel, but after reading about my friend's recent camping adventure,I don't know...

    Maybe a little Kumbyah*  around a campfire could beat a luxury hotel.

    *translated  "Come By Here"

    Someone's laughing, my Lord, kum bay ya;
    Someone's laughing, my Lord, kum bay ya;
    Someone's laughing, my Lord, kum bay ya,
    O Lord, kum bay ya.

  • A luxury hotel because there is no mozzies.
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