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Splurging for My Future

What's something you would splurge on this year to improve your future?

Answers (270)

  • Splurge meaning I had the money already? Nothing. If I have the money and it will help my future I spend it. As much as I like to shop and buy stuff here and there if something is needed for my future I would MUCH rather spend my money on it now then wait. if I could spend my money on something this year I would say... land. A downpayment on some property. That would be my splurge. I can't think of anything else.

  • I guess I would pay a band and manufacture tickets so that I could play for an audience.  I haven't really ever hired anyone before but I have thought of doing this.
  • that's easy. a gym membership :)
  • I would say hard liquor, but I am fairly certain that my doctor would not agree that it will improve my future.
  • I would splurge on my car because i want it to live at least 10 more years, but its already 10 years old and needs a little bit of work.
  • What's something you would splurge on this year to improve your future? Splurge? I think of splurging as useless and irresponsible spending. SO my answer is that I would never splurge of something to improve my future. And as far as improving my future goes the only things I can see I would put time and money into is hard work at my two jobs, improving my resume, finishing my Bachelors, getting a better job after my resume is bettered and I have my degree, possibly getting my Masters, buying a car that is more reliable, and getting medical issues taken care of.
  • The fact that I'm going to an expensive university to get my degree is my splurge. There are probably cheaper places I could go, but this is a respectable business school and I know it will be worth it in the long run!
  • Dude. Books. What more do I need to say?
  • I've already splurged on buying two vibrators for about $75 and I plan to buy another one soon that should be about $60. Then, I also want to buy a G Spot specific dildo/vibrator as well.  I'm also going to look for a lube that is cruelty free but tastes good, so my husband might have something yummy and fragrant to lick if I get him to go down on me.

    This year, I've spent more money than I ever have on many other things, and, I'm not really putting much money away towards savings to make up for it. So, it's funny, strange and kind of untimely for me to also decide that I'm going to blow some savings on sex toys, in the middle of other heavy expenses. I don't care though. I can't help that this particular year is the one where I decided to reconstruct and revitalize my sex life. I must do what I must, when the mood (and loosening of the wallet) strikes me. It's now or never. I'm only getting older, so when am I going to learn to orgasm? Ever ? If not now, when ? Right? Use it, or lose it completely.  That's what I think will happen if I don't do something about my anorgasmia RIGHT NOW.

    As Seals and Crofts used to say "we may never pass this way again."

  • If I had the money I would buy me a printer and internet. Then I would be able to print out my poems and stories. Also I would be able to get to the internet whenever I want to check emails and stuff to get my stuff published.
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