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Writer's Block

Shopping spree confessions

If you could choose a $1,000 gift certificate for one online store, which would it be and what would you get? Would you share the love with your friends?

Answers (116)

  • I wouldn't share it and it would be Borders and I would buy lots of books

  • I'd buy Christian music and Christian non fiction books, and I'd share all my books with my daughter, rhkpennsylvania (and anyone else wanted to borrow them for that matter). 

    I wouldn't share the music.

    Sorry. That's illegal.

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  • to copy Ally's answer it would probably be homeofpoi.com, and of course i would share with all of my friends!!! my fire friends need new stuff just as much as i do. although it might be a toss up between homeofpoi.com and Torrid, or DSW Shoes, and if it's Torrid or DSW Shoes then i'm sorry but ya'll are on your own, 'cus that's mine! Much luv, Mamma G
  • Art supplies. I have several art supply sites this would work for, or Amazon for a Wacom Cintiq. May/May not share the love directly...depends on what art supplies I get.
  • Home of poi and I am so sharing or Maybe Lane Bryant and then not so much lol
  • eBay, certainly, and no I wouldn't share it. Maybe share my happiness, but definetely not the love :O
    First I'd buy this Ryougi Shiki that is so freaking expensive =_____= And I don't have the courage to spend my own money on it - yet.
    Then I'd buy a new ipod, (maybe 2, just in case I kick mine again). And then I guess I'd spend the rest of it with a Pen Tablet, a Canon Wordtank, or any junk I find myself amazed with >D

    On another hand... last week was pretty weird >____>

    First my macbook wouldn't set the language back from japanese(hiragana) to portuguese. So all my programs settings where writen in nihongo. Nice.
    Then I *accidentaly* kicked my ipod... I really mean accidentaly... It still plays fine, but the screen is now screwed
    Then, friday, after japanese class I went to a Chinese "festival" (more like a fair), it was good so far I hadn't eaten anything, when I did I got a terrible stomachache >___> Same day when I was trying to sleep, my neighbors were enjoying sex too much and too loud for letting me do so.
    And yesterday I sprained my ankle while doing my morning runs >:/

    Oh well, that's it... now I'm off to watch CANAAN :3

  • Amazon.com I could by dvd's for months :)
  • Купил бы что нибудь для рыбалки.)
  • Amazon.com probably. So many books, movies, and cds I want. I'd probably share it a bit, but only because I'd probably buy them presents.
    Actually I'd also consider thinkgeek.com--for obvious reasons if you know me.
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