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Writer's Block

Do you see psychics in your future?

If an online psychic warned you not to leave home, would you cancel plans to attend a party? Would you refuse to date someone with a clashing astrological sign? In short, do you believe?

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  • I have seen true crime shows where psychics help find missing persons, etc., but I don't think people can know the future -if they did, they'd be rich. I could never believe that stars and 'signs' have anything to do with two people becoming a couple. I don't believe.

  • I do not consult with psychics.
    I do not make life decisions based upon astrological signs.

    Under no circumstance would I seek guidance from anyone remotely connected with the occult.  

    In  short, to answer your question...

    Yes,  I believe.
    I believe psychics and astrology will ruin your life. 

    If you are looking for guidance, seek the truth... not the counterfeit.



  • Всё что происходит в нашей жизни запрограмированно зарание. Мы можем одтянуть момент но не можем его избежать. И что бы не говорили нужно идти своей дорогой. Если Вам нужно быть там - идите. А то послушаеш кого-либо, потом не знаеш что делать. Есть хорошое выражение :"Чему быть того не миновать". А слушать или нет медиумов, наверно это дело каждого. Это стиль жизни, её восприятие.
  • Привыкла всегда полагаться на свои ощущения. Это не означает, что не выслушаю чужих рекомендаций. Но буду анализировать. А поверю своим.
  • If you mean a believer as "one who blogs about their ideals," maybe. But only if that allows me to go to her apartment, and she also likes Snickers bars. The real question is, will this help me get more aspiration points toward my lifetime want? If the psychic goes by the name of Strategy Guide, I'd be inclined to make sure I get matched up with the Sim that best fits my astrological sign. But only if I find enough interesting custom content to get me wanting to play that game again. If a psychic asked me if I wanted to save or continue, I think I'd like to continue until I have to leave for work or go to sleep. Then I'd save. If the psychic had the power to make people's heads explode, I think I'd stay inside until they were gone.
  • I dont think i would halt my plans just because a psychic told me not to go out, but in the back of my head, i might worry a bit until i forget about it completely.
  • Yes I'm blogging like crazy today I know... But I don't log in as much as some. So I get it out my system in a day and come back later whenever that may be.

    Anyways back to the QOD...

    Depends are they telling me why I should not leave home? And if the psychic was any kind of psychic they would know I don't do parties esp. ones where alcohol are served or a lot of ppl will be at.

    As for would I refuse to date someone with a clashing sign... I might read up on what the person I am datings sign is but I don't think it's gonna keep me from going out on a date with someone. I have to get to know the person first and then judge rather I like the person and if this is someone I'd want to be in a relationship with etc. Do I believe in psychics and what they have to say etc.... hmm... I would say I am more of a believer than skeptic. But I am not the type to hang onto every word a psychic says or a horoscope says. Take stuff with a grain of salt and hope all is right. lol.

    What about you dear reader?
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  • An ONLINE psychic?  What the hell does that mean?  Is there a psychic on Facebook that charges $1.00 a minute to instant message you with all of life's answers?  I may actually heed their warning a bit out of worry because they certainly wouldn't be doing their job by sabatoging their objective:  Telling you what you want to hear, or in this case, read in stilted abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons.  "DON'T GO! >:(  DANGER!  OMG!!!  FML!!!  HE'S GONNA KILL U!  D:" 
  • Of course not! Both online and and so-called "real" psychics are generally scams- never met one that wasn't dodgy. Also, sometimes star signs seem to clash only because you tell yourself that somebody isn't a good star sign to be a good friend or partner, so you find faults in everything you do and don't enjoy your time with them.

    Hehe. OooooOoooooOoo.... Just contacted an online psychic who said I'd better not eat, sleep or pee for the next 37 years... OOooOOoo.... Maybe I shouldn't..... If I last long enough.... OooOoooo

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