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Peek-a-boo, what to do?

If your friend or partner left his or her email open, would you look? How about a journal? Have you ever peeked at something private?

Answers (343)

  • Nope and I would tell them to stop leaving their things out.

  •  Did that just the once. I had been given the opportunity to find out for sure if I was being cheated on. I most definitely was, and that was the end of that - though I never revealed how I'd found out. Somehow, my morals tend to get in the way.
  • Hmmm....I Suppose it wouldn't hurt to just glance really quickly at the E-Mails....but I would NEVER read someone else's Journal no matter how tempting it sounds (unless of course, they gave me Permission)! Yes....I've looked at some Letters and E-Mails before....

  • If my friend had been acting really strangley like she was hiding yes, I would look. I would care about her and want to know what was going on with her and trying to find out if anything was going on and if  could help anyway. Yeah I have peeked once or twice because she was being really weird and it turned out her parents were going to get a divorce and it actually helped me to help her in a really long run. Now we are so close and there is nothing kept secret
  • Нет. Как и собственную корреспонденцию считаю неприкосновенной. Это частное право.

  • On any type of document electronic or otherwise, where there is an expectation of privacy, I would not read it. I would close it out or put it in a safe place for them to get back to at their earliest convenience.


    I have enough drama of my own to contend with I don’t need to be sucked into anyone else’s drama inadvertently by reading or delving into their private thoughts. Generally, my friends find me very approachable and if there is something they would like to share with me, I am the listening ear, and safe-haven for them to do so.


  • I would be very tempted to look at something my boyfriend wrote, but i would be more scared about the information i would read and whether it would affect me. I've peeked at private things before and you always find out things that you dont want to know. In this case i believe that ignorance is bliss. But, if he peeked at my journal i wouldnt really care. Haha.
  • I think it is human nature to want to look. I know I have looked into things that people have left open. But once you look you have to be prepared to see things you may not have wanted to. It's what you do with the knowledge afterwords that makes the biggest difference in people. I think that it is important to keep what ever you know to yourself as long as it doesn't harm them or some else.
    There are instances that I think it is ok to confront them on things, for instance if you see they want to hurt themselves or other then you need to step in or have someone else who is a professional step in and help.
    I am not sure how I feel about someone looking into my journal. I guess i am of the opinion that if you put it onto paper (or the internet) then anyone could see it and you need to deal with the consequences. So if you don't want it read make sure you close everything and keep it locked. As for e-mail or any other web page... I have nothing to be ashamed of so any one can look if they want. They would probably find it very boring since a lot of my mail is either business or baby related.
  • Да. Совсем недавно. Мне даже совестно. Но я чувствовал что это надо сделать. И хотел узнать немного правды. В тот момент когда я понял что уже узнал кое что чего не следовало бы мне знать, я волевым кликом по мыши закрыл окно. Потому что я не смогу потом честно посмотреть в глаза тому человеку, если узнаю что-то очень личное.
  • I dont think I would, but I guess I'll never know until it happens to me. I'd like to think that I wouldnt give into the temptation of raiding their private stuff.
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