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Finders keepers?

If you found a $100 at the library, would you pocket it or turn it in? What about at a diner or pub? Confess!

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    Once, when I was a kid, I found someone's wallet at Disneyland filled with money and tickets.  A lot of money and a lot of tickets.

    I turned it in without taking anything.

    Once, I left my bank card sticking out of the  ATM machine as I drove away. Later, my card was returned to me, unused.

  • I would look around to see if anyone was watching, and if they weren't, I would Pocket the Money! Same applies anywhere else....

  • It's obvious that if we find something that isn't ours, we should try to return it to its owner, and if we cannot find the owner, then we turn it in to the lost and found.  This includes money.  If I find anything that is not mine, I try to get it back to its owner, even if it's $100.

    I once found an expensive gadget in the bathroom, and turned it in to an office on campus since I didn't know who it belonged to.  The workers said that whoever lost their cell phone would be looking for it and finding relief.  Since cell phones weren't popular back then, they were very expensive, and I didn't even know it was a cell phone, but I hoped that the owner later claimed it.

    Another time, I found a wallet on a copy machine, and was looking around for the owner.  Without success, I was about to turn it in to the office when he showed up.  I quickly approached him to give it back.
  • I'd pocket that shit and go buy those artist markers that i want!
  • Think depends on location and the probablity or chances of the someone who lost the money coming back to retrieve it. If I was at a fair and saw the money I would probably pick it up and pocket it. As there is very slim chance that the person that lost it would find it again. If I was at a library although thats slim chance but if I was I would probably turn it in and ask that if its not claimed in a week if I could have it. A finders keepers losers weapers situtation then if nobody claimed. If was at resturant or store it depend. Idk guess its a situtation by situation kinda thing.

    What about you all.... would u pocket the money and be on your way or would you pick up the money and turn it into place where you found it? Is there situtations or cases where you would pocket the money found sometimes and turn the money found in at other times?

  • Depends on where I found it, and whether it was cash or not. Check, I would always turn it in (not like I could cash it anyway). Cash: At the library, I'd probably turn it in. On the floor of a diner or pub, I'd probably keep it.
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  • I would pocket it anywhere, unless there is someone asking around for a $100 bill. It's their loss if they don't figure it out until they're already out of the library/pub. And anyway, if the person doesn't come back for it the librarian will probably just keep it.
  • if it would be inside the library, maybe i'll give it to the librarian. my conscience would definitely bug me if i don't, coz i know that the possibility that the owner is still inside is huge. but if inside the pub or diner, i would definitely keep it. hahaha
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