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Writer's Block

Three-day weekend

Do you prefer to spend a three-day weekend chilling at home or hitting the road?

Answers (549)

  • Both, I like to hit the road at least one day and spend the other two chilling

  • I don't mean to sound boring, but at this particular point in my life, chilling at home is a whole lot easier.

    Here's what it looks like when a big family goes on a three-day road trip...


  • Я уже давно сижу на пятой точке и жизнь пролетает ....мимо меня...

  • С каким удовольствтием я отправилась бы в путешествие, но я остаюсь дома и этому слишком много причин.

  • Зависит от погоды, моего настроения, компании и ещё кучи составляющих.
  •    So the question is which would I choose for a three day weekend, a car trip or sitting at home. Both have the potential for something wonderful, especially since on this three day, I would want to spend it with someone I care about. At this moment, I would choose the car trip, a change of scenery for us both. A chance to get away from familiar surroundings and putting some distance between our every day. Making love someplace new, sounds so inviting. Waking up to new experiences and having someone to share and build new memories. This is very appealing, a space of time dedicated to filling ourselves up with time no longer holding control. The freedom to just be to exist in our own space and time that we have created. Sharing the magic of exchanging energy, living on another plane of reality. Leaving the confines of this world at the door.
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  • The question was Would you prefer to spend a 3 day weekend at home or hit the road?  There isn't a question in my mind.  Right now, given the opportunity, I would take the hit the road.  Jim and I could both use a vacation with just the two of us.  Hope that we could do that soon, but betting it won't happen until we get married.  The sooner the better!
  • well this really depends on how busy i was during the week. If it was a slow boring week i would probably do the road trip and have loads of fun but if i had a busy crazy week i would probably chill at home.Needless to say i could also change my mind so i may flip those around it really just depends on my mood.
  • Ну, во-первых возможность путешествия не всегда может подвернуться да и попутчиков найти надо. А вообще я за активный отдых! Нечего дома сидеть и в телек пялиться.
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