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Using My PC to Stay Connected

How have the ways you use your PC to stay connected with family and friends changed over the years?

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  • When i came from Argentina 6 years ago it was hard to stay connected with family and friends since we had no computer.Then we bought a computer for the house and it was easier  to stay in touch, then we started to get more computers with better technology and easier to use. Now to stay connected with my friends and family is really easy. I can even do it from my ipod.
  • wow, i use my pc all the time.  twitter, facebook, myspace, blogspot, livejournal, all kinds of stuff.  flickr.  haha.  i use it all to connect.  especially twitter and facebook because my family uses those.  but as for friends, all of the above help me stay connected.  i keep in touch with people who have moved and all kinds of stuff.  even people who i see everyday.  it's the medium of the future, so i figure i should become an integral part of it. 

  • I've used email accounts, game sites, facebook, ive used so many thinggs because differnet tactics for differnet people. but i think about 1 year ago i just deleted everything  and just called them and told them that i am just going to have an email and thats that so.
  • So... here goes my second attempt. The prompt that I am using is from several days ago but I don't care... it sounded like a good one so I decided to use it . :) The way that I have used my computer to stay connected has definitely changed over the years and even more so since I have started at college. When I was in high school I had just one way to talk to people on the computer... one email account. Now that I am in college I have many more ways. I have multiple email accounts (my personal account and a couple of accounts for multiple schools). I also have a Facebook page, an AIM account, and I am slowly learning how to blog. Plus, I have a friend who wants me to get Skype (I haven't gotten to this yet). I have found it really interesting how much I have reconnected with people on Facebook. I have a lot of friends who moved away that I have found again... I realize that it may be tough for a lot of us to get together in person again (due to the distances between us) but its nice to just talk to them again. I think that I am slowly getting the hang of this... which is a good thing. :) I'll write more later when I have more time...
  • I had AOL in high school. I used AOL Instant Messenger and email to keep in touch with the friends I made through HLSSP (a summer class @ University of Iowa). In college, I used AIM to chat with friends @ Coe and a high school friend. I used email to stay in touch with a few people. Returning home from college, I used email sporadically to keep in touch. A bit of instant messenger action, but not too much. In the past couple years, I've relied on Facebook and MySpace to keep in touch with friends from high school and college, and some family too. I'm going to try more with LiveJournal as well. Just because I think too much and don't express enough.
  • a couple of years ago i hated being on the computer

    now? im always on the computer be it talking to friends, finding new music  or others things
    im lame cause i still know nothing about computers =p

  • My computer definitely has improved my ability to stay connected to family and friends.
    you'll probably notice this when your grandmother sends you a friend request on the facebook.
    i was pretty surprised when mines did.
    i was not expecting that at all.
    but its a perfect example as to how i am connected to my family and friends through computers.
    i stay connected to my peers and old and former peers through the computer as well.
    the internet is definitely a greatvasset to our community.

  • It used to be very difficult to keep in touch with my friends. Computers were slow so email was about it which non of us were really into.Then came along im chatting that became very popular when i was younger. We all would change our screen names week by week just because we could. Then came myspace, it took over the world for awhile if you ask me. Everyone was obssesed with it, leaving eachother comments, messages, and changing our backgrounds was all we did. Now we have facebook. We get instant notifications of when someone wrote on our walls and we could answer back instantly. They later on created an im chat on facebook to make things even easier to keep in touch with.
  • Over the years, the way i use my PC to keep in touch with friends and family has changed a lot. In my younger days, it was all about e-mail. Then, AOL instant messaging was big. I used that throughout my middle school years. Almost everybody in school was using that. Even my family members in France had a AOL IM account. As that slowly faded away, Myspace came into the picture. Tom (myspace creator) was a hero around the world. Everybody had a myspace and a lot of people still do. I kept in touch with a lot of old friends through myspace and what is great about it is the fact that you could have your OWN page customized with pictures and your favorite music. After a couple years Facebook arrived on the scene. Facebook is great because it is much easier to connect with old friends. Its a little more complex however. The best thing about it is that it is so organized. I currently use facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. I wonder whats next.
  • Before I never talked with my family through the computer. After a while I started using MSN and AIM to talk with my brother and sister. Now that i am grown up how ever I use E-mail to talk with all of my family members. They send me funny E-mails and sometimes things like deals at a store or job opurtunitys. The computer definatly helps me stay in touch with my family though.
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