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My Fantasy “Geek” Accessory

What's your fantasy "geek" tech accessory?

Answers (169)

  • In which Mhael does some rather unbecoming whining... Well, a new, working PS3 would be nice. Mine has suffered two, count 'em, TWO Yellow Light of Doom's, and just once I'd like a warrantied, brand spanking new toy that I don't have to worry about breaking and leaving me high and dry. Not to mention the fact that now I have a ton of expensive and worthless games, DVD's, and accessories lying about, and a bunch of Divx DVD-Roms I spent hours downloading specifically for my PS3. *sigh* Man, I used to like December. Now it's just a month filled with envy, guilt over the envy, and disapppointment in myself for being so shallow as to care about such things.
  • 1.) Um, a machine that can bring things from the computer to real life and a duplicate of myself who has all skills and the answers to all of my questions. Why? Well because I would be able to play out video games on a life size replica of any game! Boom Shackalacka!!!

    2.)Then a gamers laptop that's CLEAR with a glowing keyboard and a terabyte of memory. Imagine the freak out session everyone who seen it would have. 

    3.)A jet pack with gps (lol). Easy transportation... without getting lost. Or I could just drop water balloons on pedestrians! Mwhahah!

    4.)A voice changer that can also translate speech.  Perfect for prank calls, and an easy way to avoid people.

    5.)An cloaking device (invisibility cloak). To both hide, and to combine with #4 for the best halloween EVER!

    6.)One of those computers from NCIS that LLCoolJ was using. Words can't describe how amazing that would be hehe.
  • A Sultan Gaming Table with integrated Surface technology.
  • My fantasy "geek" accessory would be something along the lines of Chobits or the PS2 dating game accessory from Megatokyo. A highly advanced robot cyborg thing that can recieve, send, and read your e-mails. And many other cool things. For instance, you remember the Robin Williams movie when he was a robot, and the fridge the family had was able to tell you what food items you're running low on? Yeah, this female accessory would be able to connect to the internet and be able to tell you what food you need while running errands. This accessory would also have knowledge of martial arts for emergency situations where the "master" is in trouble or her/him self (in my case: her) is in trouble. She would also know all the medical information needed for incase of emergency situations as well as all the dangerous stunts for emergency situations. That's about all the features that I can think of right now. Of course she would have advanced A.I. and a personality of her own, of which is established after taking a personality test so that a compatible personality will be there so the robot is not super annoying.
  • Fedora with complete support for all wireless and video drivers in existence since 2004.
  • An iphone with buttons - and also has high pixels for camera/videorecording capabilities.
  • I'd have to go with a tablet. =w= Not really geeky, but still. I want a tablet so bad. I draw a lot. xDD
  • Definitely the sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who. That thing can do almost anything. From stop certain kinds of robots, to hacking computers, opening doors, as well as turning any kind of screw no matter what type or condition it is in... it has almost literally 101 uses.... except for opening "dead lock seals" of course. =P
  • So I looked through everyone else's answers first... and here are the ones I think are awesome (and why):

    I would love a device that recorded my dreams, so I can re-watch them- hugglesgirl
    I totally agree with this answer. I keep trying to record my dreams when  I wake up and if I remember them, but that always seems to last for only a few days. I would love to have a dream journal, and being able to watch them back would be awesome.

    A Macbook that is the same size as my 13" Macbook, but is made entirely of flexible material so that I can roll it up or fold it up AND not have to worry about it breaking if it falls.- jennschiffer
    Dude. A laptop that you can fold into teeny tiny pieces? Friggin awesome, man.

    a holodeck--you know the ones from the Star Trek Universe.- graygale
    Oh my goddd! I'm such a Star Trek geek and I didn't think of this?! I totally LOVE holodecks!!!

    Easily applied stickers that have a tracking device and a number. Then, I can have an inventory thingy that matches each number to the item. And when I lose my crap, I can always find it again!- it_will_cook
    Dear god. I definitely need this.

    i want a cell phone i which i can talk into to text.- trnoffthelights
    That would be AWESOME!

    Virtual reality capable of running fanfic.  I would probably never come out again.  lol- kelios
    Dear lord. I can already think of a fan fics I'd put myself into!

  • I would love a device that recorded my dreams, so I can re-watch them in the morning. Also I would love to like have them on a DVD or be able to upload them... That would be really cool!
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