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When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?

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  • When I'm sick my get better in a week or less remedy is home made spicey nachos with sour dream and a side of tea. Also, a lot of rest.

    My Spicey Nachos Recipe:
    A bowl full of Tortilla Chips
    Cheddar Cheese (or any cheese of your liking)
    Black Olives
    Hungarian Paprika
    Sour Cream
    Hormel chili

    These following aren't necessary but might taste delicious in the recipe
    Extra meat of your choosing.
    Your favorite kind of salsa (preferably one that is spicey as well as sweet).
  • Свежий горячий чай с медом или же горячий чай с душицей и молоком
  • A few big mugs of PG Tipps tea and some pieces of honey-on-toast throughout the day do the trick for me whenever I have a cold!

  • Laughter. Sleep. Reading. And plenty of fluids. :)

  • Strong, hot tea with sugar and crimson jam

  • Hot tea with honey. 

  • I once had a wonderful honor's biology professor.  He gave the best advice when it comes to tackling a cold.  Take 6000 mg of vitamin "C" for the duration of your cold, as soon as you start to feel symptoms.  The great thing bout this remedy is you only have to take it for about three days, since that is about how long your cold will last!  There is a product called "EmergenC" which is a packet of dry powder which contains 1000 mg of vitamin "C" which mixes with water.  If you take three packets before work, and three packets before bed, you will feel better in no time!

    For a stuffy nose and wheezy chest, try running a steaming hot bath or shower.  No, don't jump in and scorch yourself, instead get a book or magazine and sit in the steamy room for about twenty minutes or so (the book or magazine should be used to read and keep you from becoming bored, not as part of the remedy.)  A little Mentholatum applied to the forehead and under the eyes around the cheekbone area will help lo loosen up the stubborn snot and works as a great expectorant.

    And, homemade chicken soup does not hurt either.

    Get well soon!

    Flutefanatik :)

  • Колдрекс пакеты-саше, Арбидол! Это верняк!
  • It really depends on how bad it is. if I'm flu miserable I prefer my nice warm bed with my sheep fur(I got it when I was a baby, and I find it to be a miracle cure against tummy aches and period cramps). But if I am really sick my favourite remedy is to curl up in my bed with a big cup of something warm, a movie, my favourite teddy-bear and a purring cat at my side.
  • Mom babying me, chicken noodle soup, a huge soft blanket to curl up in, movies to watch, no work to go to, books to read, my iPod and lots of hot stuff to drink like tea when I'm truly sick and hot chocolate when I'm just feeling down about life. which is a lot lately...
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