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What is your biggest worry right now?

Answers (480)

  • Right at this minute, my biggest worry is about my boyfriend, Sean. I can tell that something is obviously bothering him. I mean, I can tell his worry about me and the pain left over from what the divorce did to me. I am worried that I’m stressing him out, that he doesn’t want me around. Whenever he’s away from me, I worry that I’m never going to see him again—just like what Ron did to me in 2015. I don’t think I could go through that pain all over again. I don’t want to be alone today while he’s at the doctor, either. When he’s gone, even for a short while, time goes so slowly. It feels like I’m being left all over again. It’s not that I’m bored; moreover, I’m lonely. I’m without my best friend, and it is so scary. Ron leaving me is one thing, but the truth is that I’m afraid I’m going to end up losing Sean, too.

  • The fact my ankle is not healing probably.
  • как мне быть дальше
  • как успеть получить фильтра, где взять миллион, кто мудак?, я мудак?, опять опаздываю на работу
  • getting through university and coming out the otherside in one piece

  • "Do not be afraid of tomorrow; for God is already there."  ~Author Unknown

  • почему её нет дома уже вторые сутки? где она? с кем она?
  • Мои холодные ноги, голодный жедудок, пустой кошелек.... Балкон закрою, в желудок кину котлету или чаю, что делать с кошельком??? Работы нет!!! Во всяком случае для меня...
  • финансы моей дочки - уж больно там все хреново
  • That I'm a failure. Bonus: What's my greatest fear? That everyone knows this and is laughing behind my back about it.
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