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Technology & My Future

How do you think technology will impact your future?

Answers (138)

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  • Technology often changes as time goes by.  I often work with technology and my career will be technology oriented so yeah, it will have quite of a big impact.
  • This is an interesting question to see. Hell, without technology, I honestly wouldn't have the future I'd be having. I'll be working around technology on a daily basis. I'm already surrounded by it as it is. I'll be going into Networking, so I'll essentially be controlling the "brains" of technology. I'll be handling all of the communication between different devices, whether they be PC's, printers, phones, or anything that gives off or accepts a wireless signal. It's all fair game. Monitoring a massive server network, or just establishing a link between two like-devices. I'll be doing all of it, and I'll need to know the in's and out's of every single device so that I know what is and isn't compatible. Especially if they (eventually) come out with IPV6, instead of using IPV4 like they are now. That'll change subnet's and subnet masking techniques quite a bit as well as offer more usable IP addresses if I remember correctly.

    In any case, I'm rambling. Basically, I'll be a Network Administrator. Of what is still to be determined. Who knows, maybe I'll have to manage the servers that run a site just like LiveJournal. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth? Actually, that would be a pretty easy job. Not much to do after the initial set-up and then the backups which would occur at the end of each day or, the more likely scenario, week. Pretty kush job. So, yeah, technology is going to IMMENSELY impact my future. I'll have to keep myself up to speed with the latest protocols (granted, I won't be using them most likely, but it's nice to know them), gear, and the like. We'll see where that goes. Should be exciting. I can't wait until I start my career. I'm itching to get out there!

  • Cellular telephone technology was around in the 1980's, but it was bulky, expensive and impractical. It only worked for a hour before it needed recharging. Now cellular telephones are smaller, compact and could last for an entire week without needing to be recharged. I honestly can't imagine life without a cellular telephone.
  • Any day now, I am going to have a stroke over some stupid fucking piece of technology. = )
  • Well, unless the trends of the last several decades change radically, I think technology will eventually strip this planet of everything that makes it livable for all of the species here, including us. Yup... so much tech garbage now that soon there won't be any room left for the living things.
  • my future? i make my living programming computers. if technology ever stopped impacting my present, i'd starve! seriously: if technology causes global warming and peak oil and TEOTWAWKI, then i starve because nobody will need any more computers programmed. but if technology weans us off of oil and reduces our needs for physical travel and locavory takes off slashing bulk transports, then i'll still be OK because all the electronic communications which that particular utopia hinges on will keep me employed. really, economy will impact my future one heckuva lot more than technology. technology's impact will only matter if and insofar as it keeps the economy afloat. if that tanks, i starve, no matter what technology might be around. ...from the egghead point of view: the more powerful computers get, the more and better they'll be able to run the kinds of programs i write (high-level languages, interpreted languages, and stuff that runs on JIT-compiling virtual machines of various sorts). that will mean i'll get more work, because nobody sensible writes any lower-level code than they absolutely have to. better technology makes that less necessary, meaning i will have ever less pressure to go any closer to the iron than i am (which is not very, at all). ...come to think of it... the more techier my life gets, the more i seem to be plagued by quasi-nostalgic pre-technologic yearnings. as if i wanted a counterbalance of some sort, for some reason. for instance, the last several months i've had a real desire to get myself a fountain pen. even i can't figure out why --- it's not as if i ever write by hand. my handwriting, when i try, is illegibly ugly even to me. yet there the desire is. so, hypothesis: the more technology i have to deal with on a daily basis, the more i'll end up living some sort of retro-steampunk-ish existence making do with little or none of it whenever i can get away. and making stupid excuses about how that "keeps me balanced" or "grounded" or somesuch shit, when it's really just me being ornery and contratian out of stubborn stupidity. whereas, if we really do see TEOTWAWKI and i end up grubbing out a miserable existence as an (incompetent) subsistence farmer, i'll be hoeing my garden with an ipod whether i have batteries to run the damned thing or not. that'd be just like me, frankly.
  • It will impact my future with an earth-shattering kaboom! ::blink:: Where is the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!
  • Technology impacts the future a lot.
    For intents, without the internets I would be able to post this nor read other things.
    And without the computer I would be writing this down with pencil, which will make me most likely not even want to write.

    Only bad thing is because of technology people are becoming lasier, and dont like readin book, or walking, or doing stuff.

    Like the book Fariehnhiet 361??? im not sure but its a book

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