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Writer's Block

What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy?

Answers (236)

  • 1. Corsets.
    2. My boyfriend when he looks at me in that way.
    3. When I go to a party with no makeup on, and still have someone ask my name without having to ask for theirs first.
    4. When I can write a poem.
    5. A pair of boy's boxers.
    6. Wavy hair.
  • Caine, Nyx? What makes you feel sexy?
  • Pfffffttt sexy???!!!! meh........
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  • New clothes, losing a few pounds, but mostly, Chad's hands.
  • When people look at me like they have never seen a person walk down the road before.
  • Kristen Stewart.


  • What's sexy?
  • Wearing my red lipstick with an outfit that I know looks good on me.
  • This writers block was from awhile ago, but I wanted to answer it. When I saw it on the date, I knew I had an answer, but never got around to it. So, here we go.

    I feel sexy wearing all black. I am not talking about lingerie, I am talking about black pants, a black top, black shoes.
    It is more than feeling sexy though, I feel powerful. I feel like people notice me. I once had a great manager who noticed that when I wore black, people responded to me differently, i.e. in a better way.
    I remember one time in college wearing all black one day and I was walking up some stairs. There was a guy around my age sitting outside a classroom and his mouth was open looking at me. I said, "What?" and he closed his mouth and didn't say anything. It wasn't until much later that it occured to me that he was checking me out, not thinking I looked weird.

    It has to be the right kind of black though. The black pants have to be something other than jeans, and if you are wearing shoes, black boots look best (put under your pants, not the hooker-ish look.) The black shirt can be anything other than a t, and I like to follow it off with a black leather jacket.

    That, is sexy.
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