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What are you passionate about?

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  • "Give me one pure and holy passion
    Give me one magnificent obsession
    Give me one glorious ambition for my life
    To know and follow hard after You"
    - Passion One Day
  • Passion is such a strong word; i think it has to be used very carefully and thoughtfully to describe something.  My true passions are Music and Writing; although i guess they could be intertwined into one. Music, for me, is an escape, so to speak, for life;as is writing , in a way. When i listen to music, depending on what it is, it takes me away from my own thoughts and problems, if only for the duration of the song. On the other hand, some music helps me relate my problems and thoughts to someone else, usually the person singing or writing the song, so i don't feel quite so alone in life. Also, playing music is a big part of it. When i pick up that guitar, i feel like i can do anything, or say anything, through the notes i play. It's easiest for me to express myself that way, without using words. Writing kind of does the same thing, for me.  If I'm writing a poem, i can put my feelings on paper, so as to not have them bottled up inside me any longer, and to hopefully let someone else read and possibly relate to them. If im writing a story, or any other piece, the purpose is to expand my creativity in the hopes of entertaining and possibly teaching others. Those are my true passions
  • I am passionate about music, animals and reading. I like mostly all types of music. I like all types of animals; cats, dogs and horses being my favorite. I also love to read, whether it be from a book or online(fanfiction).

  • passion is.
    being whole hearted and selfless. giving yourself until you have nothing left to give. where your heart is bigger than your body and youre tired, relentless, and driven. youll pay the price and more if it means being satisfied. finding a passion is like being star struck and in love. theres nothing more valuable than happiness.
    my passion.
    people in my life that id die for. that id  anything to save. theres that one that makes your heart beat like no other and there are those few that you can count on to bring you up when youre down. writing down everything you feel and seeing it breathe a new life on paper, it creates its own pulse. the beauy of life is what you feel from it. breathe your own individuality into life. something that id put my heart on the line for, my freedom, my individuality, my love, my best friends, my future, and my dreams. my passion..my life; now and tomorrow because yesterday is now a memory

  • Passion for me has many different meanings- It can mean, love, friendship, arts, or hobbies. But when I first hear passion, I think of love. Boys. Thats my description of love. Alex and Brenna, my "sisters" are my definition of friendship (luv u girlies). My school is and obvious definition for passion of the arts. Hobbies- acting, singing, writing, surfing, and... laughing. I have a passion for all of those things. Thats what I think of when you say passion. Alex and Brenna- I love you guys to pieces and would never, ever, let anything (especially not guys ;) ) change that... Cause, WHAT HAPPENS IN INTEGRATED ARTS, STAYS IN INTERGRATED ARTS, girlies!!!! Love- Ayden
  •  I am passionate about a lot of things. The things that always always have a soft spot in my heart are painting, writing and music. I don't know if I would be the same person I am without them, when I think about those three things being gone or not even existing...I think of dullness, no color, no brights, no love, no free-ness, no happiness...I see black and white, gray, blindness, dark...just boring. When I think of painting a picture, I think of all the beautifully colored paints, my dirty brushes, that blank canvas and I get a smile on my face and a warm feeling deep down inside. I love everything about art culture, that's one thing that my ears always open up to.  When I have a story in my head that I want to write out on paper I get extremely happy, happy that my hand will just keep going with the flow of the pen ink and I can let everything I'm thinking/feeling out without speaking a word, it truely is amazing to me. And music, glorious music...I don't even know where to begin. I seriously listen to music 24/7, I bring my ipod everywhere I go, on the bus, walking to school, getting coffee, even when I'm with other people I have my ipod on. As soon as I get home I connect my ipod to my computer...start playing music. And right before I go to bed I listen to a playlist until morning where it starts all over again. I hate the sound of silence, I really do. I love listening to people play music, live or not. I love making new sounds and creating words to make something amazing, or something not so amazing. Sometimes I'll listen to a song over and over again, first listening to the melody and instruments, than play it again and listen to the voice and the lyrics. Music really amazes me. 

    Anyways...those are the three things I'm really passionate about.
  • I am extremely passionate about writing...and I mean writing in general.  I feel the best when I am able to sit down and write...stories, poems, blogs, journals, articles...It doesn't matter.  I love being able to sit down and express my mind to anyone who is willing to hear it and hope that maybe it will reach someone part of the individual's rationality.  I love being able to sit down and write stories that come out of my imagination.  Writing is something I've always been good at doing and I am trying my best to better my skills and better my style of writing.  Honestly, the dream I am most passionate about is just being a writer 24/7 - to be able to wake up after any thought, or to run to my paper or computer after any thought...begin writing and hope that it just continues to flow out of me. Besides that, I am passionate about photography, philosophy, and history.  Writing just happens to be my ultimate passion. 
  • Before, writing this, I wasn't passionate about anything. As I began writing and explaining that, I started writing about my family. After two paragraphs of talking about how much I love them, I realized that I am passionate for my family.: One thing that I am passionate about is my family. I love my family more than anything in the world. Just spending time with them and talking and playing and learning and so much more, is fantastic. I sympathize anyone who doesn't have the family experience like I have grown up with. Sure, my family isn't always perfect, nor am I but I forgive them and get over it. I've had my ups and downs with my family and lately its just been down. But, I love them and I know that they love me. Friends come and go but you can't do anything about family. Ever since I was little I just loved spending as much time as I could with my family. For me, family comes before friends, school, or anything else. My family is my #1 priority and I would do pretty much anything for them because I know that they would do pretty much anything for me. We are all very close and it has always been that way. I pray that that will never change. Family is something to be thankful for and to cherish. The memories that I have had with these people are unforgettable. I never want to forget any of them or leave any of them. My family is the most influential thing in my life. Before I make any major decisions, I ask for their opinion first. They influence pretty much everything I do and everything in my life. I make my decisions on my own but, my decision is be the best daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin, that I can possibly be. Often enough, this doesn't always work out as planned. They forgive me just as I forgive them. Sometimes it upsets me that I can't always be there for my family. I wish that I was more compassionate and kind sometimes. I think that they would like that a lot. My family is the greatest thing in my life. I am very passionate about my family and I would hope that they feel the same way. I honestly do not know who I would be without my family today. Those without families like mine, I'm sorry.
  •  To be free and to live without the chains that bind the rest of the world that doesn't see the cage around them.
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