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What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Answers (227)

  • Applied for a job at Starbucks...and got it...

  • I was bored and started googleing stuff

    now you see where it has lead me
  • ...this is where I'm supposed to say 'Jumping out of an airplane' isn't it? Well, really... I'm not really sure there's anything. :) On the other hand, I guess people'd say just about everything I do ties for it. I don't regret it though. ;) But that's not the question, huh?
  • i'm pretty sure i'm doing it right now :3
  • The latest dumb thing is to let my daughter move out and leave her cat!
  • You mean, dumber than usual? Because to be honest about it, I have done a lot of dumb things in my life. So dumb that I still feel mortified to recall them. But let's see which would qualify best...
    Stalking my crush and getting caught doing it could probably be considered dumb but I think not dumb enough to qualify as the dumbest. Or probably buying a sachet of condom because I thought it was a new brand of candy (I was still in High School then and Frenzy just came out in the market and I was always asleep in class that I guess I never heard when my teacher discussed about sex education...my apologies) would qualify but I think  it could be attributed to 'innocence' since I grew up in a convent-like environment and has never, in all my life, ever seen a real life condom before.
    But seriously, I think its the day I turned down a man I didn't realized I've fallen in love with until two years later when he suddenly called me and told me he already has a girlfriend. Boy, that hurt so much I just found my tears falling.
    I really think that was so dumb of me to cry that way especially that I don't even understand why I was crying. I mean, is it because I missed the opportunity of being loved by somebody who really did accept me for who I am? Or was it because I am just like a child who once threw her things away and when somebody suddenly found it she wants to claim it again?
    I think I was dumb for letting him go without giving him the slightest chance and dumber for crying when he finally found happiness with somebody else. And I'm probably the dumbest creature on earth because until now, I still keep on falling for people who resembles him in some way (or somebody who reminds me of him) but were never really right for me. Every guy I am attracted to is, in some way, similar to him in looks, manners, etc.
    Guess I'm just so dumb in these matters that despite the many times I got hurt, I still keep on committing the same mistakes. And so I think that's it, the dumbest thing I've ever done in the world is never learning my lesson the first time.

    (Photo snatched from: http://angrygrayrainbows.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/i_see_dumb_people_o_o_by_cool_slayer.jpg)
  • I was in the bathroom (don't be sick) and I saw something flying in the shower. So I closed the curtain to keep it away. It wasn't until after I left that I realized.. It could just fly over the curtains.

  • смотря что считать глупым) для одного глупо, для другого нет))))) не совершаю глупых поступков.

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