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Writer's Block

I'm Just Wild About...

What are you passionate about?

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  • Во-первых-это авиация и парашюты.Космос.
    Во-вторых-это футбол.ФК"Спартак"г.Москва
    В третьих-хоккей."Локомотив" г.Ярославль
    В четвертых-музыка.Транс,эмбиент,блэк,дэт,грайнд,брутал,пауэр,хардкор,ска,нойз,габбер,джангл,техно,брейкбит,бигбит,ой!
    В пятых-ЖИЗНЬ!!!!

  • I
     am passionate about many things.  I am passionate for my writing.  I am passionate for my love I am passionate for many more things and I cannot explain them all ^^
  • I think i'm mostly passionate about is travelling. I have a deep desire to see the world. I want to see all the different cultures and types of environnements. Every opportunaty that's come up i always take to travel. Ever since i was a little kid i've been saving money to just travel. They've become bigger and bigger trips as i've grown. Two of the biggest trips of my life my parents weren't there. A year ago I flew all the way to france (that's really far considering i live in the dead center of canada) for 16 days with 30 other students from my high school, and 4 teachers. Which an experience i'll never forget. But it's the entire reason i went out to get my first job in order to make enough money, plus my parents chipped in about 1,500$ as a graduation present (pretty amazing present if you ask me). Then as soon i got back i waited a few months and decided with my best friend that we were going to be taking a trip right after graduation together. And decided on disney world, i went 2 years ago, and was already dying to go back down there. But that trip has already been over with for 4 months now. Right now unfortunately i'm saving 97% of my money for university. But i just might be taking a road trip in february to toronto to go see the spice girls in tour. Me and my beat friend have already decided that when i graduate in 3 and a half years, that we will go to a tropical place, and not get of our arses once the entire trip! Sounds like a good time to me! 


  • сексу=(
  • * I am passionate about music. It was my first passion, and it will ever have my devotion. I do not object to most forms of music, veritably enjoy most. I appreciate, in no particular order: rock, folk, alternative, gospel, opera, Irish, blues, choral, rap/hip hop, Scottish, dance, ethnic, Celtic, electronic, reggae, tango, punk, jazz, Australian, soul, and classical. I have no great fondness for twanging country and western, and I detest syrupy pop songs.

    As a classical musician myself, classical music (including opera, choral, and tango) is my particular favourite. My instruments are the violin and voice (although I can also play the viola reasonably well), and as such violin and voice are my preferred form of musical entertainment (although I do harbour a fondness for the violoncello). I may entertain a slight bias, but there is nothing quite like the wail of a violin, the sultry tone of the violoncello, the raising of voices in harmony, or the interplay between characters and intricate plots found in opera.

    I am passionate about queer rights. I am most certainly pro all rights, but queer rights have my focus, being intimately acquainted as I am with the subject material.

    I am passionate about fairness. Principally since I comprehend completely how unfair life truly is. As Dennis Wholey said — "Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian."

    Truly there is nothing "fair" in nature. Nature does not comprehend fair. Most days, I find that comforting in a twisted way. It's not just me that's getting screwed.

    Of course Wholey's statement opens a whole quagmire of philosophy. To put the concept simply — how do you determine what is "good" or "evil"? I do not mean religious answers. Religion is merely two things, a control mechanism, and a hollow comfort of the masses. From this you may deduce, correctly, that I am an atheist (although I was raised Christian). Bertrand Russell has an interesting opinion — "Those who forget good and evil and seek only to know the facts are more likely to achieve good than those who view the world through the distorting medium of their own desires."

    However, I am of the persuasion that good and evil do not exist, they are nothing but two views of the same issue. The real controversy is that of which side is informed. Socrates states it well — "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." That I can agree with. If you ratiocinate attentively hic et nunc you will determine that I am a nilhilist. This is veracious.

    Howbeit, I have drifted away from the essence of this post.

    I bid you adieu,
    John Doe

    *I am placing this first section at this point, rather than properly at the beginning, so that it will not interfere with the post blurb. The following will make more sense if read first.

    Hmm. Well first off, I find this 'Writer's Block' idea quite amusing. Enough so that I will ignore my non-posting usuality, for this once. One of the rationales for this anomalous behaviour is that am at work, and, in the colloquial, 'fagged out'. I will reflect on the merits of further posting later.

    But to the subject at hand.
  •  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • What is the snake passionate about? Writing, first and foremost. A love of the written word, and a wildly creative mind. Friends, and the pure, sweet love that bonds us together through whatever comes our way. Music, even though I don't play any instrument, I still love to listen to a performance. Animals, for the unconditional surrender of their spirit to those who give their hearts. Solidarity, not easily achieved, but so wonderful when I meet that singluar individual.
  • I am passionate about writing.  Writing and music.  But how I channel said passion is different between the two.  With writing, I put myself wholly into whatever it is I'm committing to paper (or Word), whereas with music, yes, I do put passion into the performance thereof, but I rarely speak with passion about writing.  I can get into incredibly heated debates on musical topics.  It's the only topic of conversation that truly animates me.  Though religion is a very close second.  But yes, writing and music mean the world to me.
  • Becoming a writer. For as long I can remember it's what I've wanted to be.

    Also in answer to previous questions: What makes me unique is, well I could go all socialogical on your asses and present the cases for and against individualism but instead I shall say that the slowly fading birthmark on my right cheek is what makes me unique. Also, I am the only person that I know who likes tomato sauce sandwiches! Yeah baby!

    The Rosa Parks one about being brave, I am, for all intents and purposes, a coward but the one time that I was actually brave was the time I stood up for my out and out gay friend. Of course a few years later he ditched me for no reason and ran off to Scotland. The bastard.
    And finally, how do I choose my books? When I was younger I picked them solely on whether or not I liked the cover and title. This led to me collecting a bunch of weird and wonderful books. Now adays I pretty much go on the first few lines of the first chapter. If I want to know what's going on then I buy it. Sometimes I'll buy books because everyone else is, like Harry Potter or the Northern Lights. And occassionally I'll buy a book because the movie of it was good.

    So there. Now you know. I'm sure you're glad I told you. Or not. Whatever. I just like these writer's block things. They's fun.
  • Music, I'm very passionate about the music I love, I'm living with and through music. I'm passionate about nature and environment, people I love, sometimes I'm even passionate about my studies though lately there has been a lot on my mind... But usually, I'm passionate about 日本語, ne. I guess I'm passionate about anything I love, really. That's the short version for what I'm passionate about xD
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