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If you had your own radio or television station, what would it be called and what kind of programming would it play?

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  • If Sean and I had our own radio show, it would be called “House Music Dance Party. We’d have this name because I really love to dance. Whenever Sean plays music, I automatically begin to dance. Even if I’ve been having a difficult day, dancing makes me forget all about the difficult things going on in my life. The programming we’d play would be all house all the time. You wouldn’t have no choice, but to dance. You wouldn’t even want to quit dancing—even after the song has already come to an end. I think it’d be fun to DJ parties in our community, too.

  • WDED - All Requiems, All the time.
  • I said it was going to be my last on the last one, but this brought back a flashback. When I was in the 6th grade, my friend Corey and I made up our own radio station - KDUM. We used to record our own segments on an old tape recorder. I remember one thing I came up with was based on the David Frizzell song "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home" - so I made up "Warren Wino's Home Decorating Service."  I think somewhere, buried in the boxes of old tapes, I have a bit of us doing this.

    That's why I originally wanted to study radio/tv, before I got railroaded into advertising.

    If I could have my own radio station, I'd do 24 hour comedy (loads of Weird Al, Ray Stevens, Christine Lavin, and others). I also would love to do an "all Jewish music" station. I mean, there's all these Christian music stations in my area... why not one for Jewish music? I could actually guarantee NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC! ;D

  • It would be called WAST: The Waste and it would play alternative rock, indie and alt country all day and night long.
  • Station would be called "The Truth" i would have a play list ofm mostly requests and call ins for ppl that wanted advice
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  • If I had my own station, it wouldn't trash celebs, it wouldn't have stupid headlines like the rich are getting richer, and oh hey swine flue is something we should only now be afraid of.

    No instead it would be, about trashing the idiots who spend hours researching celebs, so they can make fun of them, as if they are so much greater, have you no life? You sit there and bully these poor people who are at their base, just humans like everyone else, then you wonder why we have kids bringing guns to school?

    If "Journalists" can sit there and bash celeberties, why the hell can't we do it to each other? Ah the great waste of humanity that has become the news. If I had my own station, I change my mind, I'd blow it up.
  • If I owned my own radio station I dunno what it would be called. Have to think about that. But I know that my radio station would offer many channels. There would be a station for s. african music and s. african rock music amongst others. But there def. wouldnt be any screamo, hip hop or trance music played. Sorry ppl.
  • If you had your own radio or television station, what would it be called and what kind of programming would it play?

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    Televisi khusus Ibu dan anak. Dengan program2 sbb : 1. Membahas kepentingan ibu hamil di acara sarasehan kesehatan supaya perempuan sadar kesehatan reproduksi 2. Membahas supaya perempuan mandiri dan berani supaya terbebas dari KDRT, beserta upaya untuk bebas belenggu jika sudah mengalami kdrt 3. Membahas UU regulasi yang berhubungan deengan perempuan dan anak, baik di ranah domestik dan juga perlindungan trafficking! 4. Hotline pelaporan KDRT dan kasus trafficking 5. Program edukasi untuk anak2 terutama edukasi mental dan psikologis A. Bayi dibawah 2 tahun B. Batita C. Balita D. Remaja E. Dewasa 6.Acara kesehatan dan vaksin untuk bayi 7. Acara keagamaan untuk membela perempuan dan anak-anak, tafsir dari semua agama maupun aliran kepercayaan yg liberal dan demokrat tentang posisi perempuan dimata Tuhan. 8. Profile perempuan pejuang yang tangguh. Baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri : lawyer, pejuang ham, menteri, presiden, pm, scholar, pengusaha. 9. Profile perempuan dan anak korban kdrt 10. Konsultasi pernikahan bagi pasangan yg hendak bercerai beserta dampak psikologis untuk anak. 11. Acara seperti Nanny 911, bagaimana menghandle anak dengan masalah khusus. 12. Berita nasional dan dunia mengenai perempuan dan anak-anak. 13. Film2 yang sensitif gender beserta pembahasannya. 14. Acara memasak yang sehat dan seimbang gizi untuk batita/anak-anak 15. Narkotika diantara anak2 : profile, cerita hidup dan bagaimana penanggulangannya 16. Kekerasan yg dialami anak : bagaimana pelaporannya, apakah kita potensial untuk melakukannya 17. Ide brilian untuk inovasi perbaikan sistem sosial bagi perempuan dan anak2. 18. Kritik : uu-regulasi, film, media cetak, perlakuan dll terhadap perempuan dan anak-anak. 19. Apa kerja pemerintah specifik kementrian pemberdayaan perempuan dan dpr komisi terkait untuk menangani masalah ini? 20. Echofeminisme : perempuan dalam pemberdayaan lingkungan 21. Breaking news : berita lain selain tema feminisme dan anak2. 22. Konsultasi : kesehatan 23. Konsultasi : kemanusiaan 24. Konsultasi : perlindungan hukum 25. Konsultasi : kemandirian ekonomi 26. Konsultasi : keagamaan 27. Konsultasi : kekerasan seksual 28. Kampanye - hentikan kekerasan fisik, seksual, mental dan ekonomi dalam rumah tangga - hentikan perdagangan perempuan dan anak - hentikan kekerasan di ranah publik - hormati persamaan pilihan antara perempuan dan laki-laki - hentikan aborsi 29. Special Case : liputan khusus Salam Main Owner TV for Women and Children Ashri
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