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Who is/was your favorite teacher in school?

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  • Hmm,
    Mr Knuth.  Because that's where I got my nickname from; Aussie.  Plus we did nothing in that class; just listen to him run off on his tangents.  Those tangents were, by far, the best!

  • In elementary school: Rob. A really great teacher. During high school: Dhr. Verheijen. A religion/philosophy teacher who made every class/lesson interesting and approached almost every subject with hilarious, dead-pan sarcasm and humour... Not even his own religion was spared. Kudos to him.
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  • Definitely Ms. Stevens. Amazing teacher. She doesn't believe in homework, and rather than give us worksheets and stuff in class, she talks to us instead. Not boring kind of talking - interesting, funny and not-always-relevant stories and stuff. Many times we've hung back after class just to talk to her, or gone up to her office randomly just to talk to her. She's awesome =)

  • I would have to say Mrs. Klienfelter my 6th grade English teacher.
    She pushed me with my writing. She made me get my writing seen by someone
    Which that has changed my life forever.
    Thank you Mrs. K, for pushing me into something I was too scared to do myself

  • I'd say Mrs. Chittenden from 6th grade in science and in 7th-9th grade in English.
  • I have two. The first is Mrs. Nurek from elementary school. She taught me that reading was fun and showed me how passionate I am about it. I have a degree in English and am currently writing my novel because of her.

    And the second is Coach Koenings. She absolutely one-hundred percent changed my life and I wouldn't be who I am without knowing her. She is still my favorite person in the entire world and even though it's been over a year since I've seen her, I know that when I do get to see her again, nothing will change. She is my "therapist," my friend and always, my Coach.

  • :D philosophy. and Mrs Weldon. sometimes history, and bio for a good .. you get the picture.
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