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Proven by Science

Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?

Answers (244)

  • In the physical world, yes, although we don't always know what that explanation is. And we should not forget that the SOURCE of all this is the Creator.

  • Science has its place but... "Life isn't math-it doesn't always add up. Life isn't science-there's no formula. Life is art- make something beautiful of it." - Pastor Rick Warren
  • Even Einstein didn't believe science answered everything.

  •  Not everything needs a scienctific explanation.

    Faith, with its justifying, sanctifying, and saving power, is independent of science and learning, and may be kindled even in the heart of a little child.   -Philip Schaff
  • No. Science doesn't explain everything. Usually scientists are humble enough to acknowledge that there is plenty that science can't explain. But since people choose to be scientists based on their epistemological and metaphysical beliefs (rather than the other way around), you aren't going to see many devoutly religious scientists. Devoutly religious people who see "the hand of God" in events don't become scientists in the first place. And scientists see their beliefs confirmed on a daily basis because of the way they already see the world, the same as people of faith do. It's a "self-fulfilling prophecy," no pun intended. People see what they want to see; they see explanations that confirm their existing biases. Religion is there to answer the questions that have no answers--yet. Science answers questions on an hourly basis, but it constantly comes up with more unanswered questions. So the accumulation of knowledge will never be "complete," and that's what religion is for. So it isn't a choice between science and religion. They complement each other. (Too often, though, people of faith scorn science, and vice versa. But there's no reason for that: faith and reason don't contradict each other.) Science is like a man trying to count up to infinity: no matter how high he counts, he can't get there. Only religion can do that.

  • Yes, all things have a scientific explanation, but not all things can be proven (or understood)  by even the most intelligent of scientists. 

    Here is the secret scientific explanation for everything:

    God is the creator of all things, and in Him all things live and move and have their being.   
    (Colossians 1:17  Acts 17:28  Genesis 1:1)

    If our science doesn't line up with His science...we're the ones dealing with the wrong hypothesis. 


  • Yes. We just don't have the scientific goods for particular occurrences-not yet anyway. I'm assuming this question is up against the god?
  • Yes, because people will make up one for anything, even if it doesn't make sense.
  • Конечно.  Присутствие каких-то сил или кого-то не доказано.

  • I believe that if mankind was omniscient everything could be explainable by science however, if we do not become omiscient (which we wont) then there are gonna be allot of things that fall thru the cracks.

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