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Congratulations! You won a million dollars but you have to give it all away. How will you distribute the money?

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  • I love Heifer International. They work in many different countries, giving animals and training to indigent people, and it's a gift that spreads, as the people receiving the gift pledge to pass on some of the offspring of the animal to neighbors. Given a flock of chickens, a family will have eggs, meat and an income from selling the extra. The animals eat the weeds from the garden and their droppings will enrich the soil. I would give a third of the money to this program that helps people lift themselves out of poverty and eventually can lift a whole community, too. My other favorite charity is Kiva, another world wide program that makes small loans to people (individuals or small groups) who are helped to make a plan to use the money to begin or expand a small business. The money is paid back to Kiva in manageable increments, and can either be returned to the donor or loaned again to a new group. For instance, the first group I loaned to was some Andean women who bought a sewing machine, to make clothing to sell in the market of a large town nearby. I would give another third to this great program. The last third would set up a trust for my special needs grandsons, so their Mom doesn't have to worry about their future.

  • Go check it out.


  • *thinks* Umm....is buying Eric Szmanda and James Marsters a good thing?.....wait that's not giving it away is it? Well then......I would split it up between charities. Would take a lot of willpower to not do my first idea.
  • Would using it as startup for a charitable organization count?

  • I will give them to people who need it. Exemple to organisation who help poor person or for search for child
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  • Congratulations! You won a million dollars but you have to give it all away. How will you distribute the money?
    I'd give some to my family, some to friends and then charities, most likely something to do with kids/teenagers.

  • I would give it all to my high school because, God knows, Burros needs it. BHS is a great school and i will miss it dearly, but it has a lot of things it needs fixing, although $1mil isnt really going to change much, it will give it a start.
  • Give it to my mum so she can give it back to me=)
  • I will donate all of it, in two parts, to an animal resuce group and a children hospital.
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