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Like No Other

What makes you unique?

Answers (155)

  • Everything. And absolutely nothing.
  • What makes me unique? I'm not unique. That's the thing, think about it. There are about 7 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet. 7 billion people, that's 6,999,999,999 people that I could possibly share a quality or personality trait with. There is not a single unique thing that I don't share with another person out there. I can't say I'm the smartest or fastest or person with the longest fingernails.. or richest or person who can hula hoop for the longest... I'm just Alyssa. I'm also not saying that I mind this, my lack of originality is what makes me, me. If I were interesting I would have different friends, a different life.. and I enjoy it the way it is now.. I like being able to sleep in and blow through school without much effort. Now, what makes me unique to my peers and the people whom I see everyday? That I can answer.. I stand out because I am the Freshman class president, because I'm a vegetarian, because I am the fastest Freshman on the Indoor track team, and one of the fastest on the Cross country team, because I look like I am 15 and act like I am 6.. because I'm friendly and easy to get along with, hard to be angry with. So that's my answer. Probably a little more that what the question was asking for but, bah. Night.
  •  i'm the oldest person alive, to my knowledge, and the only one it appears who can see ahead of me or the only one who cares
  • i am unique, in that i am myself. i can give what noone else can give exactly. i can be funny, yet calm. compassionate and hyper. creative... and unfortunatly dull.
  •  That's a rather personal question, isn't it?
  •  I'm confused. what am I suppose to do?
  •  Hmmm, intriguing query...Aot of things make me unique. I am  from a highly mixed ethnic background ( African-American, Scottish, German & Saponi Indian)..I am a total uber dork( entirely over informed about medical facts..), general freak and Vegan to boot! My sex drive is WAY to high, I have strong psychic tendencies and I am studying to be a holistic health consultant...
  • Watermelon used nova pizza WOOOP WOOOP yaa.
  • Everything I do!! I'm Shyleen beeotch! Lol . . . . . . Seriously though.
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