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Writer's Block

Short Days

As the Northern hemisphere spins toward the shortest day of the year, it's getting dark earlier and earlier. What comforts do you fall back on when the days are short and the nights are long?

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  • When the days are short and the nights are long, I enjoy cuddling with my awesome boyfriend, Sean Keffer. We enjoy cuddling to keep one another warm. Both of us get cold if we’re near doors that open and close constantly. He keeps me warm, even inside. During cold nights, we both enjoy just watching TV. Nothing is more fun than watching our favorite TV shows. Now that preseason baseball has begun, I hope we can watch today’s preseason Cubs game this afternoon. Since it doesn’t look like today’s a shopping day, it’s definitely a good day to do some wii bowling, allowing me to kick Sean’s butt again, then watch some baseball until it’s time to go to dinner.
  • Sleeping with my windows open when the temperatures get cooler; curling up with books or my laptop, and I seem to bake a lot more in the cooler temperatures.

  • I fall back on my vibrator!

  • Well I see it like this , the faster the day goes and night comes the faster I can get to the next day.
  • I like to curl up in bed, sleep in, and in general make sure I stay nice and cozy warm. I really don't deal well with it being dark in the morning, so the less I have to get up while it's still dark out, the happier I am. If I had some company, I'd likely want to cuddle up in front of the fireplace, with some hot chocolate (with whipped cream in it, of course). -Alexandra
  • Getting colder in the north, yes. Warmer down south. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • sitting by the fire with a blanket, a book and a cup of hot chocolate :)
  • I love this time of year.  The fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the leaves changing color, and the cool chrisp air.  It always makes me more homesick this time of year.  Living in Cali there are no seasons really and being from Iowa that makes me sad.  I hate that the leaves don't change here and it is still hot outside some days.  I love cuddleing on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate reading a book.  I love wearing my hoodies.  These things are my comfort and make me feel calm.  I just wish it didn't get dark so early that is my only complaint for this time of year. 
  •  i absoluely love the fall because of its chill and eerie spectrum in the leaves, evening sky, and everywhere. i take comfort in the shadows that used to give me nightmares of fiends in black trench coats. i take comfort in seeing the sun set early, letting time pass easily, and letting the shivers of fright come upon me and inspire my imagination. the rain, however little we may recieve, comforts me, kissing my face and hugging my clothes. the rain is here to greet me, to let me know that, yeah, the world is screwwy but some things are never changing.
  • First and foremost? Hot chocolate. And not just any hot chocolate, but Ron & Frank's. Ron and Frank are two retirees who make up batches of gourmet hot chocolate and tea and sell them around the country at craft shows. They have the most amazing array of flavors, all of which are awesome (and almost all of which come in sugar-free versions). I still have some chocolate mint and French vanilla left over from last year, but I only have about two mugs of milk chocolate left. The dark chocolate and chocolate raspberry are also faves. The white chocolate is really good, but a little too rich for me. I also like the chocolate coconut. Ron and Frank will be at my favorite annual craft show next week (with thermoses for free taste tests), so I need to see exactly how much of my remaining two canisters I have left and give some thought to what flavors I want this year.
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