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Prying eyes are everywhere, from pesky younger siblings to the Patriot Act. What steps do you take to protect your privacy, on or offline?

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  • I keep my web print relatively small. I don't use my real name for most things and I don't have my pic tagged all over the place. This means that I don't need to worry too much about data mining of my personal details online which is why I have a Facebook ;) Online privacy is becoming more of a saleable commodity, with people paying to have their web print removed from public view. It is too easy for prospective employers, disgruntled lovers or random enquirers to find out copious amounts of personal information.

    Having said that..I am not so wary of sharing the details of my life with important people online or off. I am probably too much of an open book! I think we each get to define what is private for us -outside of government or other agencies - and where we set boundaries. Privacy in our house is minimal.. we don't tend to be good with closing doors or personal space and we are pretty open with just about everything. Closeness in relationships means sharing at some fundamental levels and sanity requires at least some measure of privacy.. so the lines are fluid!
  • this was a good question. i keep myself in my room, considering i have a younger sister its hard to have privacy in other places.
    online? i lock my computer account, i never give my family my personal journal. i have my parents on facebook and myspace, but never post anything that i don't want them to read.
    theres a lot you have to take caution about, especially in a family that'll bother you to no end about your jouirnals.

  • I changed the settings on my browser to not save any history items.  It also clears all private data every time I close it.  Not that I have anything to hide really, it's just that in the (admittedly unlikely) event that we have guests over and someone wants to use my computer, they don't have access to my online billpay stuff and credit card accounts.  Although, I guess if they were clever enough, they could find a way around my privacy settings.  Because after all, nothing is totally private on the internets.  Nothing.

    As far as offline goes....  I always keep the blinds closed!  Hahaha :)  I don't really get too close to many people, and I don't divulge any information about anything unless I feel comfortable doing so.  XD

  • By protecting my identity to a successful degree. For, despite my photos, I am in fact Elvis Presley.
  • I have my computer locked to keep my bro away. Other than that? Not much. If the govt. wanted to spy on me I don't think there would be much I could do about it and since I have nothing to hide from them I don't really care if they spy. I'm sure I'm probably already on their watchlist considering some of the crazy shit I look at, so I might as well give them a show. My mom was being watched by the ATF once. Long story.
  • I usually don't post anything that would sound like me on the internet. Because im kind of a private person.
  • Fall off the grid, move to another country, and pretend that nothing actually followed me there.
  • privacy is a big word now in using the internet, or simply living normally. precautionary steps i take hen it comes to using the internet as much as possible i use my computer at home and if i had no choice but have to login my password i check first if there is key logger or spywares. now with the everyday life i like to keep things private and not to be showy with people so that thy wont get nosy
  • Required passwords to access ANYTHING on my computer. Combination locks for the containers I keep my important stuff in. Key lock for my doors. And a very high level of paranoia thanks to my fathers genes comes in handy too. My life is my business. If I want you to know, I'll tell you, otherwise GTFO.
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