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When it comes to making a difference, some people donate money and others volunteer their time. What cause gets your time or money?

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  • Things that get my time or money are charities for children that are starving or homeless things like that or I would donate to cancer since I've known people that had it and I think its something that should be addressed.
  • Most of my money unfortunately goes to food. However, there are usually a few bucks left. This month was Halloween, so next month will be spent balancing my budget. However, December will be when I start donating again. I'm not donating to Greenpeace anymore, because they do very little to actually change what would be most helpful: I don't care how much profit you're making off of gas, gas an oil companies, but there should be a law having you clean up your act, basically a law saying they have to make, sell and maintain a certain number of Hybrids or, better, that they must invest in cleaner fuel production (namely, in getting more than five percent of this country to run on biofuel). As Greenpeace invests more of there time and money to saving the whales (a worthy endeavor but the wrong way to go about doing it), and not enough to renewable energy and cleaner fuel, I'm ending my subscription... just as soon as I find out how. I will continue to be a donating member to HRC (Human Rights Campaign), because human rights are one of the fundamental components of our country, no matter where its people live. I will also see if I can donate more, because it is so important. If McCain/Palin gets in office, I'll probably do whatever is possible to organize (or probably go to an already existing) protest against the highly discriminatory amendment that their party is thinking of implementing. Unconstitutional much, to even have such a discriminatory babyish howl be put into the constitution? They should be given a slap on the hand and told to think about rights, not about their howl of 'but that means admitting people aren't like me!' or worse 'but God says it's wrong! Right there in the Bible! See?,' which seems to me to be forgetting the First Amendment of the Constitution': freedom of religion and freedom of speech! As far as I can tell, those are the only reasons that keep coming up over and over again for why this amendment is being suggested. If anyone has any logical reason that does not involve the words "wrong" and "God," I would love to debate with you! Otherwise, these people who are suggesting going against the First Amendment of the Constitution should not be politically listened to on this level! Third thing I'm going to start donating to is Children International's Lifeline Food Program, or their Sponsor a Child Program, or both if I can afford it (chicken noodle soup and tea forever, anyone?). We just read this book in Power and Poverty class which was called Planet of Slums, which says that huge percentages of the world are living in abject poverty. Though my donation to this program won't help that many or help where help is most needed, I hope I can at least do something. So those are the organizations that are getting my money.
  • I donated $30 the other day to get a "free" t-shirt. Obama campaign. I don't usually donate money to political causes but it was a kewl t-shirt. Usually I give my money to animal shelters.
  • I give blood when I am able. That is one of the main things I do. I want to be a bone marrow donor when im 18 as well. I am deathly afraid of needles but I guess this is a way to get over my fears. I also sometimes volunteer at the local animal shelter. I love helping the poor suffering animals....although most times I just want to take them all home with me.
  • My family donates to several Animal Cruelty groups, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and a couple other places too.
    We've also adopted several animals with injuries and or birth defects.
    Personally, I volunteer at 2 different animal shelters when I have time and a working car.
    I've also adopted a little girl in Peru 3 or 4 years ago, and I still send money to her and her family monthly.
    She's gotten to go to a better school, and her mom and dad can buy enough food for her and her sister now too.
    Her little sister wants me to come visit one day, so she can give me a hug and thank me in person for helping her mommy and daddy.
    One day, I will go, and I'll bring presents for Liddy and Sam and their friends, and I'll bring their mom and dad extra money too.
    Because I know the girls both want to go to camp one day, and it'll help a lot.

  • No kill cat shelters get my time. I believe in helping some of the lesser beings of this world to have a better life and gain loving homes. Why should we, the citizens of this world ignore the ones who cannot speak and defend themselves? They need us more than ever now and need help to escape animal shelters that believe in euthanization. So in being a volunteer at a no kill cat shelter I help to keep the place running as I believe it should be, for without volunteers those places would have to be shut down.
  • If i donate money I have to know that its going somewhere real.

    and i love to volunteer for ANYTHING political (Obama 08) and environmental.

    those are two things that i care about.

  • When it comes to making a difference, some people donate money and others volunteer their time. What cause gets your time or money?

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  • Well...
    while im in Spain im volunteering at a hospital.
    i hang out with kids in this little play area across from where they go to school in the hospital.
    they're so cute.
    i've only been once.
    we did oragami.
    its weird... u start laughing and playing with the kids and idk... u forget they're sick.
    i think that's the whole point though, right?
    give the kids some time where they can forget they're in a hospital.
    and can just be kids.
    pretty cool stuff.
    : )
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