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Writer's Block

Comedians as Journalists

Distrust of the media has grown to the point where many people only trust the news if it comes from a comedian. Who do you trust more: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

Answers (227)

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  • Uh that makes approximately NO sense whatsoever. I'm the queen of distrust for the media, but it includes all media. I take everything I hear with a grain of salt and if it interests me enough, I try to find a story from multiple sources to decide for myself how I feel about it.

    Actually, I'm less likely to trust a comedian because I have trouble working out what is for real and what is a joke lol ... so I just laugh at all of it.

  • Well today was alright I guess... besides that I was the third wheel again and Krystle and Damian were being all lovey dovey and I was alone. I was hoping jesse would come but I knew that was a long shot, he never does anything to make me happy and when he actually does he takes it away from me. I really should stop trusting him, i really should stop being so crazy over him because this always happens. I mean i've liked so many people in the past and i've been rejected so badly. It just must be something about me that guys dont like. I'm just there for sex nothing else. So anyway, the movie was good. It was so weird though, I can't believe he killed the dog, like omg and he bashed up that really pretty, up herself movie star that he wanted to have sex with but then bashes her up for his mothers ring. Oh oh and at the end him and Kirsten Dunst get together like aww... I almost cried, because i feel like that cant happen in real life, well in my life anyway... I wonder if tomorrow will be any better... i hope so, i really should do my homework but again i cant be bothered, meh i will do it first period tomorrow lol... I love having freebees woot
  • John Stewart. Colbert is a brilliantly funny but the skew is so severe I trust my John Boy more.
  • I really don't watch either of them, but I would have to say Job Stewart.
  • I don't know, i enjoy watching both of the ways they present their stories of the news.  I'm not sure I would trust either of them more, but if force to pick I would say Jon Stewart.

    I do have some trust of the news media left though.

  • This question would be more pertinent if I were to watch tv, so why am I answering it?!, but I used to watch the Report and the Daily Show, so I'll go off the opinions I had from watching then.

    So, honestly, Stephen Colbert.  Because he's hot more down to earth, I guess.

  • Neither, I trust Bill Maher!
  • why dont they give the diceman his own ha-ha news show, that dude fuckin kills me plus he is always right (did you notice?! he makes you laugh and then when you stop laughin you catch yourself thinkin) !!!probably because hes not in the pockets of the jews!!! :O
  • Ok, lets be completely honest here. I love both Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are two of my favorite shows, but who the hell in their right mind can call that "journalism?" They are entertainers. They are not paid to find news stories and report on them, they have a group of liberal ass writers who sit around and think of awesome stories they can cover. Though Stewart and Colbert will do alot of their own stuff, its mostly satire, which is not news. If you want news, pick up a goddamn newspaper, do some independant research yourself, or find 2 or 3 different articles from different sites about the same thing, and THINK FOR YOURSELF. P.S. Fuck Bill O'Reilly. The only time the spin is going to stop is when someone puts their foot up his ass. That shit is not news either. On the eve of a crucial election I also must say this... Who in their right mind votes for Sarah Palin? Don't get me wrong, I like John McCain (not enough to vote for him), but... Sarah Palin? Can someone please tell me why she would be a good candidate for anything except going back and raising the 5 children she decided to have, and being a good mother? I'm sorry, that woman has stones in her head, and for anyone who can't see that through her Beauty Queen persona might need to rethink a few things. The funny thing is, whoever doesnt vote for Obama is a racist. Whoever doesnt vote for McCain and Palin hates old people and women. You're fucked either way.
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