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What food traditionally considered to be a delicacy are you quite sure you can live without ever trying? Similarly, what food or drink have you always wanted to try but haven't had the chance to yet?

Answers (42)

  • I've never really cared for figs, but that hasn’t stopped me from planting fig trees this year. Figs are full of mystery and intrigue. For one thing, it’s a mystery to me why anyone ever created Fig Newtons and how they can call them a cookie. But, more importantly, the spiritual symbolism of figs astounds me. It is my goal to find out what to do with figs this year. And, trust me, I won’t be trying any homemade Fig Newton recipes. Maybe a little lightly broiled fig topped with Brie cheese… DSC_4025
  • escargo? probably. I don't like seafood so no thank you. I can't think of any food or drink that I want to try, I'll try whatever passes me by.
  • Do not want: Balut. Do want: Mochi ice cream.
  • Could do without fertilised duck eggs, cockroaches, crickets (choclate coated or otherwise) most insects actually - not a fan of the idea of snails, mostly due to the descriptions I have heard from those who have tried it, garlicy rubber bands is not my idea of a good meal. Can live without frogs legs too. And I don't like muscles and oysters for the most part - cept smoked. Really want to try bear, curious about moose.
  • Haggis, snails-just not sure. Paella sounds good though, but I'm not sure which variety I'd prefer to try.
  • Casu marzu. God bless the Sardinians for their rock-solid balls, but this is one local treat I will pass on. Forever.
  • Fugu.
  • I could do without eating whale. A drink I would love to try is the coconut rum cocktail, A Day At The Beach.
  • Surstromming Rotten fish in a tin.
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