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Back on the Menu

Restaurants have a way of removing your favorite items from their menu just after you've discovered how much you love them (such as seasonal or 'limited time only' items). What beloved dish, drink, or dessert do you wish was available all the time? If you could get it anytime, how often would you do so?

Answers (52)

  • Dude, taco bell took away the chicken taquito... it DEVASTATED me, because that's all I'd ever eat. I used to get it everytime I went there... so I would go back to eating that...
  • Olive Garden is notorious for this! Two of my favorites from that restaurant are their Chicken Rollatini (spelling?), which is chicken rolled up in a lasagna-like pasta with ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese, and smothered in a garlic butter sauce (at least, that's what I remember of it). Sooooo good, but I can never find it on the menu anymore! That, and one of their seasonal desserts. It's a berry sherbet with zabaglione (some kind of sweet custard) and topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Unfortunately they only serve it during the summer. There's another dessert another restaurant that I really like (I can't remember which one, though), called an Apple Chimicheesecake. It's kind of like a chimichanga, except it's stuffed with cheesecake and apple pie filling, and topped with cinnamon (with a scoop of ice cream on top). I can never find it anymore! I don't know if the restaurant even serves it anymore for that matter! Bad, unhealthy food, but they taste so good!! :P
  • The Cheesecake Factory used to have an appetizer sampler platter. It had some of their most popular items on it and it was perfect for four people to share as a meal. Alas, apparently it was only me and three of my friends who thought it was perfect. The last time I tried to order it, the waiter told me that the sampler platter wasn't popular enough. Hmph.
  • This food cant really be bought in a restaurant rather in a fast food chain. It is McDonald's twister fries! It's like thy only have it here for two months and then after which no more. Awww I miss it
  • I always hate when that happens. I can't think of anything that has happened lately. Awhile back Applebee's took the oriental chicken wrap off their menu which surprised me because it was on their menu forever and it was one of my favorite items. We haven't been to Applebee's lately because the one by our house isn't very good.
  • I really did create two new entries here! they are showing up blank. This one was about the MonteCristo sandwich at Bennegans -- since the whole chain is gone. The other was about Ruby Tuesday's Cajun Chicken Pasta. but the entry didn't post until now...
  • Next thought; the Banana and orange shakes that McDonalds used to offer during the summers, but now DON'T.
  • Rita's Water Ices closes down in the winter, which is a shame because there is no packaged sugar free ice that is even close. I could eat the Green Tea flavor every day. Also good half and half with the mango or pineapple flavor. And Meltykiss - also the green tea flavor. I wish I could buy it locally (although it's probably a good thing I can't) We get it sent from Japan by Jlist, and they can't mail chocolate in the hot weather.
  • McDonald's "McRib" sandwich. That and a medium order of fries with a MickyD Sweet Tea would be a great lunch! lol! Not very healthy, but extremely delicious. 

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