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April Fool's Day pranks -- love 'em or hate 'em? What's the best (or most annoying) prank you've had played on you, or that you've played on someone else? (Was jail time involved?)

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  • This post has nothing to do with April Fools, but I did play a prank on my daughter's birthday when she turned five. Relighting trick candles are the greatest thing in the world to a child who waits all year to blow out her candles. It's over all too soon. Well, not this time. May we all carry candles within us that nothing can extinguish! http://s302.photobucket.com/albums/nn119/carolinabrown/?action=view¤t=robynn113.mp4
  • I think pranks are childish. Seriously. I gave that u;p when I was in junior high. One of my co-workers at internship bragged about how she likes playing pranks on ppl. She had this huge spider that she would put on ppl's desks, to try and scare them. I saw it, and thought it was more funny-looking than scary. I actually laughed at it. It was huge, fuzzy, totally fake in texture and appearance, and had these beady little eyes. Does anyone find it ironic that the visually impaired intern could tell the spider was fake, but the sighted co-workers apparently could not? I did play one good prank on my mom when I was 12. she was waiting for my aunt to come over. We were in the kitchen, finishing dinner and watching TV. The doorbell on TV rang. So, I said "Mom, Gloria's here." My mom ran into the dining room, and asked my dad: "Is Gloria at the door?" My dad responded: "No, Fran. That was the TV." I was laughing, as I said: "April Fool, Mom." My mom promised to get back at me for that, but I don't think she ever did. LOL See, that's funny when you're a kid, and when no one gets hurt, but most of the pranks I know are done in poor taste, and just tend to showcase one's immaturity.
  • I haven't had many pranks pulled on me, but my coworker pulled one on a few of us this year, it was hilarious! We work at a shelter and she came in and told us that their was blood smeared on the stairwell wall. I don't know if I would've believed her in another circumstance, but this day happened to be a day that we had our stairwell bar painted, so I thought a kid touched it and smeared it on the wall (the paint was a brown color). I kept saying, are you sure it's not just the paint?! and one of my coworkers and I were about to go check the wall to see what she was talking about and she told us it was a prank. it was great haha
  • I am not a morning person.  My first day at work in a new job (I had temped in a different department for two weeks prior, but this was my first day in what would turn into a 12 year tenure) was April 1.  I am not a morning person.  That Monday morning I woke up and had the radio on as I got in the shower.  I am not a morning person.  While in the shower I heard the radio playing the emergency broadcast signal, or something close to it.  I am not a morning person.  According to the alert, there was a problem with the Richmond City Water System, and there was a problem with snakes slithering through water pipes--to make sure nothing got through, you were advised to place something heavy on your tank so that the snakes couldn't work the lid off as they slunk through.  I am not a morning person.  I was late to work on this, my first day, because I spent twenty minutes trying to find the toolbox to place on the back of the toilet because I needed something heavy to keep the snakes from getting out while I was at work that day.
  • I used to look forward to April Fool's Day. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. I used to anticipate it almost as much as a kid anticipates Christmas morning or trick-or-treating on Halloween. I would spend months preparing and planning for the day; studying and stalking my prey to determine just the right pranks to pull. My pranks ranged between oddly silly, or slightly annoying, to elaborately hilarious; which I guess partially depended upon which side of the prank you were on. In recent years, I have lost my enthusiasm and love of April Fool's Day. I'm not exactly sure when that happened, or where the joy of playing witty little pranks went to; but I can remember the first year that I didn't play any practical jokes on anyone at work. Watching everyone tip-toeing around all day, waiting to see if they would be the first to stumble into one of my pranks, and knowing that there were no pranks to stumble into was almost as fun to watch as if I had pulled an April Fool's Day joke. The fact that there was "No Joke" ended up being the best joke of the day. But the jokes ended that year, and most of the people I work with haven't been in the department long enough to remember the "good old days." Times when working in Records Management was fun. Times when people worked hard, and played just as hard to make the department a great place to work. When you could still joke around, and people actually had a sense of humor. But those days are long gone. Maybe my sense of humor, or at least my desire to contribute to that fun on April Fool's day went with it.
      Some of the more tame pranks I used to play included:
    • Colored paper in printers and copier machines.
    • Shrink wrapping cars until the color of the paint is no longer visible.
    • Tying work carts to the rafters (personal effects still on the cart)
    • switching letters on, or reprogramming, the keyboard.
    • flipping screen displays.
    • switching their mouse to left handed configuration.
    • Super gluing random items to the desk: stapler, pen, pencil, coffee mug, etc...
    • Putting a small bead of superglue on a pen or pencil, so it sticks to the hand when picked up.
    And that's pretty much all I can admit to without possibly getting myself into trouble from anyone associated with the good old Riverport days that may stumble across this journal entry anytime in the future; although I figure the statute of limitations has worn on on most of those pranks by now. It's been 8 years since we moved to the new records Center.
  • i love april fool pranks, even if they are played on me, even if i lose to a stranger. it has an invisible thread of love and fraternity in it. april fool pranks lighten you, make you more sportive. you smile at the intelligence of the prankster and the prankster smiles on successfully fooling you. wow!
  • April Fool's Day is the best! I don't get people who don't like it. It's hilarious seeing the looks on people's faces when you pull pranks on them. The best prank I ever did was when I was a teenager...reckon I must've been 16 or so, and I told my mum my girlfriend was pregnant and we were gonna drop out of school and get married. hahaha the look on her face. Even after I told her I was joking, she still grounded me for a week. This year I didn't do much for April Fools cos Stitch is home since his school is on break for Easter and my uni is too. I just turned all the knobs on his bass to un-tune it while he was sleeping. It sounded well twangy once he tried to play it and he had to spend ages tuning it properly again, haha. It's been great having time off from uni. I don't have to go back till the 16th, so I've been picking up some extra shifts at the record stall. We just got a load of new vinyls in I need to sort through. Reckon I saw some rare punk in there! Tons of prog rock too, though. I guess they can't all be good ones.
  • Quite a few years ago now, my two sisters and I were playing in the garden on April Fool's Day when I told one of them that she had got a little snail in her hair. She looked horrified and started scrabbling around, before I told her April Fool! Another year, I told her that our dad had just fixed her bike, and she believed me and was disappointed when I told her that in fact it wasn't true. Wild, I know. When I was at uni my flatmates played a few pranks on me, but I can't remember if any of them were specifically on April Fool's Day. They used to hide my door key in various places, and once after I'd been up all night the night before an essay deadline, I came back from handing it in and fell asleep in the middle of the day. I woke up a few hours later pretty disorientated, and they convinced me that it was actually 12 hours later than it actually was, and was the early morning instead of the evening! I was so disorientated and fuzzy after my sleep that I believed or half-believed them for a good half an hour. I remember feeling a bit suspicious, but to everything I said they had an answer, and sounded so convincing, I was taken in.
  • I always think April Fool's Day is kind of silly. For the most part, I don't play pranks on other people. If I do, it's usually painfully obvious that it's a prank because I can't hold a poker face to save my life. I also am not all that great at coming up with funny things to do until after the fact. It's all rather ridiculous. If you want to prank me, it's fairly easy if you catch me before I remember what day it is. Depending on what it is, I can be slightly gullible. I remember hearing that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell one year and not realizing it was fake until the news cleared it up. Haha. In years past, I've been confused by various internet gags, but that blew over rather quickly once I visited several pranked sites, as the internet is pretty obsessed with April Fool's Day. I especially like Think Geek's special fake products, even more so because people have liked them so much that they've made a few of them a reality. However, I mostly associate April Fool's Day with my adoptive grandpa. His birthday is today, and in years past, we've played some pranks on him-- from pretending the power is out (fairly easy to do in a rural area until someone actually tries to turn on something) to not talking and whatever else kids can get away with. Still, my favorite was when we invited him over to our house for cake. My mom presented him with a knife to cut the cake, and when he tried to cut it, he couldn't get very far because we had frosted a brick. Hehe. After a couple of minutes of that, my mom brought out a real cake, and we all had a good laugh. Anyway, there are my April Fool's Day stories. I realize I usually write a poem a day for April, but I am not going to promise anything given how little I've been posting lately. I'm going to try to post the poems I have backlogged some time soon. Otherwise, we'll see where it goes. I'm just glad it's April. Should be a good month, I think. :)
  • As a rule, I dislike April Fool's Day. The worst one I ever encountered was when I was in the 6th grade. We were just starting a unit on sex education. Our teacher was out on medical leave and the substitute was clueless on everything. We had no structure or any actual assignment. I ended up sitting at a table while all the boys laughed and pointed at the books and pamphlets. I swear, every single boy came up to me and a couple other unpopular girls and either read the most embarrassing parts out loud or asked us to go out with them followed by an "April Fools." After that, I would beg my mom every single year to not make me go to school on April Fool's. It was one of the worst days I ever spent in school. My mom was a push-over, so she wouldn't make me go. I did this until about my junior year of high school. To this day, I'm always glad when the actual day lands on a weekend. I usually won't leave my house. Not that I worry about going to work. I just hate the day. On principle I guess.
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