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Mary Palermo Leonard's Journal

Mary Palermo Leonard
3 April 1978
Behind every great woman is a dumb-assed man who done her wrong and made her strong!!

I love people. All people. I think just about everyone is good. I believe that you have to be a friend to have a friend. I think that when I had my children, I made the decision to allow my heart to walk around outside of my body. I love a two hour bubble bath. I am moody sometimes. I think chocolate is a gift from God. I love animals, especialyl penguins and monkeys. I come from a big, loud, italian family and think that they are the best in the world. Family is everything. I think that true love ALWAYS prevails. I think that pink is the most beautiful color in the world. I buy everything I can in pink. I even buy grapefruit flavored tic tacs because they are pink. They taste gross but they are so pretty. I love to sing. I cant carry a tune in a bucket but that never stops me. I love to dance. When I am sad or lost, I will sing and dance until I cant breathe .I cry easily. I trust easily. I love easily. And I do all three completely. I think that life is too short to stay angry or to not forgive. I never want to be someones reason to stumble in their faith. I absolutely can not stand to be lied to. If you cant tell me the truth, then we cant be friends. I have had some tough luck but it has only deepened my faith in God and in humanity.