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Wells Edwards's Journal

Wells Edwards
7 September 1981
Hmmm about me eh?... Well im just a layed back guy. Made my share of mistakes in the past which likely is why im were im at now...

Still live at home with my parents... But not for lack of trying to move out.. just cant afford any of the places around here yet. (maybe once my car's payed off... one more year!) I dont have mutch of a social life, But thats due to working 3rd shift for 4 years.. finaly working days so trying to build up 'some' type of routine now.

Im the type of persone that if your a friend, family, or someone i love.. you can call me any day, any time, and anywere... and if you tell me you need me.. i'll be there. Only questions i'll ask is "were?, when? and sometimes How do i get there?"

My friends are quite literaly all i have right now.. sure i have a car, my computer, and my cat.. but thats it. My Cell phone is never turned off except for when im in doctors offices or movies.. so im always available for those i care about. Ive made myself a shoulder for those i care about to lean on.. and they know they can always come to me.

About the only thing i do for fun nowadays is RC Car Raceing.. going to a movie every once and a while.. or going to play pool or bowleing with friends. That and playing Computer games... lets me 'vent' out frustrations withough blowing up or breaking anything 'real' heh.

Im a simple persone.. what you see is what you get.. There are some things i keep hidden... but that is just personal stuff.. old ghosts i cant seem to shake lose, and ive never been able to 'show' what im feeling.


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