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Nita Church's Journal

Nita Church
12 January 1964
In the summer I love being out side.Hate shoes I prefer to feel the grass between my toes and the sun on my shoulders.I love the water be it the ocean,a river,lake,pond or steam...gotta have it.I love the rain and miss the hell out of Wenatchee Valley summer storms...it is like walking in your shower only better.Wide open spaces with plenty of trees and such to explore appeal.I like to bead,read,embroider,plot,plan,write,research,geneology,mtdna testing,family all young and old and people thier stories...an equal opprotunity friend.
Babies and grandbabies....
Winter we hibernate plotting and planning the summer ahead...raining as usual the month of may and into june very sad there goes the garden oh well you continue to dream..pretty soon trees are dropping apples and plums and it's fair time again end of summer...unless mother nature breaths new life in for a late indian summer oh yes.
Reconnecting with family friends and new family...I knew they were out there...awe does me heart good.
and family.history, beading, carnes family lines, church, geneology, grandkids, lemay, migration geneology., mt dna and genetics, people, stories, the white, williams, witten, writing