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hearttaek's Journal

Anna Banana
6 June 1991
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♥ i'm 17!
♥ i blow out my birthday candles every june 10th, hurray gemini!
♥ 100% straight.
♥ filipino, from the Philippines!
♥ i'm a college freshman. studying nursing. wtf! but i love the pink and grey uniforms. sucks that i never look good in them.
♥ i live for purple! and everything in its similar shade.
♥ food is heaven and no one shall dare argue!
♥ i'm a girl scout! well, i used to be. but you know what the say. once a girl scout, alway a girl scout.
♥ soompi attached. (purple.loves.kibum)
♥ kpop is love! and everything else korean. well, except food. because spicy food does no good too my throat and gives me an unpleasurable cough and irritation.
♥ i'm quiet when i'm mad
but really loud when i'm happy. and just annoying when i'm in kilig mode.
♥ i don't know how to cook! but willing to learn.
♥ Favorite letter is A because my name begins with it. and so does the alphabet.
♥ i wish to go to science high, starbucks, powerbooks and my room. few of the many places that make me feel like home.
♥ surprises make me happy but i rarely get them. *dodges my friends with matching puppy dog eyes*
♥ i'm a nokia girl just because i'm too lazy to familiarize myself with samsung. and i refuse to get myself a sony ericson cellphone.
♥ i need to drink water. lots and lots of water. but i just refuse to and this kills my mom big time. XDD
♥ i love pizza but will never buy myself one even though i want it so bad.
♥ i'm not a fan of ice cream unless it's mango float flavored.
♥ margarita was my first alcohol drink. then absolute citron came in second. not a fan of alcohol so mylist will probably end there.
♥ CHRISTIAN ftw! buttoo bad i dont go to sunday service everyweek TT.TT
♥ i am in love with edward in the vampire series but will choose to go out with jacob black anyday just because taylor lautner is smokin! too bad he's a year younger. curse ages!
♥ i hate school and i suck at it.
♥ i'm blind without my glasses that make me look nerdy in a whole new level!
♥ i've only watched volleyball and basketball games throughout my first university week. and i will dread the humid gym for a lifetime!
♥ i love airline stuffies. and have two as of now. named andrew and aaron. both named for very special reasons after two adorable little kids i've met in those vacations.
♥ i prefer multiply over friendster. but my network in multiply is suckish and not a lot of people visit it often.
♥ i just bought a pair of mint green low cut chucks even though i swore i could never pull the chuck taylor-on-my-small-feet-look.
♥ friends are love and thank god i have a million!
♥ blogs are awesome but i could never keep track and i'm always too lazy too last even a month.
♥ jealousy kills but we cant avoid them.
♥ life is too short. and so am i. pfft!


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